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YMMV / The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Jordan spends most of the movie struggling with her werewolf powers, only to suddenly become awesome at using them when Hunter is in danger. This might not make a lot of sense at first, but then Hunter turns out to be a natural-born werewolf. Remember, the strength of the wolf is the pack. In this case, that's made literal. The sudden facility with which Jordan controlled her wolf abilities came from her desire to protect another member of the pack.
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  • Hollywood Homely: Victoria Justice is supposed to look ignorable?
  • Special Effects Failure: The werewolves' faces are incredibly still. Beyond that, their fur doesn't look all too realistic. Both are a borderline case of Nightmare Retardant.
    • The CGI also tends to be a bit dodgy.

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