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YMMV / The Bone Clocks

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  • Critical Research Failure:
    • It's virtually impossible for a peasant girl in the 19th century Russia to be named Klara. Klara was a name reserved exclusively for nobility (mostly of Germanic origin), and even among them it wasn't common. What's more important, Russian peasants named their children according to the church calendar, and there is no St. Clara in the Orthodox church calendar, she's a Catholic saint. And "Koskov" isn't an existing Russian last name.
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    • There were no serf-owning landlords in the Perm region. It was (and still is) an industrial region, specializing in mining mineral resources. Serfs did exist but they were mostly property of the coal-mining factories.
  • Complete Monster: Immaculée Constantin was the second member of the Anchorites, a group that drank people’s souls, particularly children and the mentally disabled, to fuel their immortality. After being rejected by a 7-year-old Holly Sykes, Constantin bore a grudge. Corrupting Hugo Lamb, Holly’s one-time lover, Constantin directs him to perform unsavory crimes, such as torturing Crispin Hershey for information on Esther Little, Constantin laughing in the distance. Right before the final battle, Constantin mocks Holly on her age, makes a crude joke about her relationship with Hugo, threatens to murder her family so Holly will “howl with regret” and pulls other petty jabs. When she reveals to Sadaqat that they lied about letting him join the Anchorites—with casual racism to boot—she gleefully murders him. Complicit in the deaths of hundreds to fuel her lust for immortality and with a sadistic streak she takes pride in, Constantin was the face and the worst of the Anchorites.

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