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YMMV / The Body Snatcher

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  • Complete Monster: The sinister John Gray, "evil himself," is a man of depraved obsessions centered around his associate Dr. "Toddy" MacFarlane. A cabman by day and grave robber by night, Gray establishes his cruelty by killing a dog who announces his presence in the grave, thieving from the graveyard to supply MacFarlane with specimens for his research. Gray eventually turns to the murder of a blind street singer to sate MacFarlane, and strangles his assistant Joseph to death, presenting his body to MacFarlane as a twisted gift and gradually driving MacFarlane deeper and deeper into the threshold of insanity until Gray finally admits he torments MacFarlane solely for the pleasure of having a rich man bent to his whims. Gray vows he will never stop tormenting MacFarlane, and his words ring true as MacFarlane's insanity claims him soon after he's driven to kill Gray. Hauntingly mad in his crusade to torment MacFarlane, Gray still remains among the most chilling performances of horror legend Boris Karloff.
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  • Foe Yay: MacFarlane and Gray. Notably the only people to call MacFarlane "Toddy" are his wife Meg and Gray himself, and they spend much of the film completely fixated on each other.

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