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YMMV / The Big Heat

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  • Complete Monster: Vince Stone is The Dragon to gangster Mike Lagana. Stone is also far crueler and more vicious than his business-minded boss is. When a cop ends up dead and the cop's girlfriend looks like she may talk, Stone kidnaps her and tortures her to death. When homicide investigator Bannion first meets Stone at a nightclub, Stone is punishing a dancer by burning her with a cigarette. When Stone thinks his girlfriend, Debby Marsh, has been meeting with Bannion, he disfigures her with hot coffee and throws her out on the streets. He later attempts to kidnap Bannion's young daughter and carries out the murder of another member of the organization. When Marsh confronts him later and repays the favor by throwing boiling coffee at him, Stone mortally wounds her with a gunshot, giving Bannion a murder to finally pin on him.
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  • Values Dissonance: The film poster features our hero manhandling and yelling in the face of a woman. Even though Bannion is something of an antihero, this behavior wouldn't fly in anything but a Villain Protagonist in modern times.

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