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  • Acceptable Targets: Evangelical Christians, religious people in general, YouTube's staff for their continual changes to the site to the detriment of it, TERFY feminists, figures in The Bible, political figures, etc. Hannah also really hates Elon Musk. Jake's not too big a fan either.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Pointed out every so often, mostly in Chick Tracts, but most notably in their I'm Not Ashamed review, where Hannah says Rachel's acts in part of the movie will be taken in one of two ways, depending on whether or not you're a hardcore Christian; her not being faithful enough to her religion, or being depressed.
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    • Hannah mostly believes that Ray Comfort is a scam artist who knows what he's doing and is willfully ripping people off with his scams of selling them the Christian things he makes.
  • Awesome Music: The Bible Reloaded theme song, full stop.
  • Better on DVD: They've discussed this themselves a few times, where they say that people will tell them that they prefer to binge their videos after a certain amount have come out and/or when they have the time to sit down and watch them. With their Atheist Bible and Quran Study videos, this can certainly help, since the Bible, while divided between the stories and Testaments, is much too long to sit and read in one sitting for a YouTube video, so they usually cover stories in several videos each. The Quran also does the same.
    • Additionally, their Chick Tract videos can benefit from this, since Jack Chick, while making stand-alone stories in the Tracts, sometimes includes character designs for background characters in some of the tracts, from other tract's characters, such as Eye Patch Grandpa and Bob Williams. Hannah and Jake also have a small amount of running gags and Callbacks that they make, especially after Harold Penisman was introduced into the Tract readings, since they somewhat establish his lineage in tracts set before the apocalyptic future of his tract.
    • Additionally, some of their movie reviews have been divided into 2 30-minute videos rather than one almost 60-minute one. Jake says this is due to their retention rates being higher with shorter videos. Either way, after said reviews have come out in multi-video form, it's much better to go back to those reviews and watch both parts back-to-back than by themselves.
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  • Better Than Canon: Their versions of Chick Tract storylines and characters are, unsurprisingly, better than the originals most of the time. Special mention goes to Harold Penisman from "The Last Generation."
  • Creator Backlash: Towards their first several Bible Study videos. While they're not bad to get through, they weren't quite up to their current standards of doing them, since they were just starting out, as well as having a really bad quality mic to record their episodes. Though they admitted that there were some good jokes and points in them when they rewatched their first video in a livestream.
    • Though they don't regret recording them, some of the Chick Tract videos have gotten this towards the people they did them with, like Steve Shives, Sargon of Akkad, and, more recently, Armoured Skeptic.
  • Critical Research Failure: While they generally will avert this, the same cannot be said of the people who write the Chick Tracts and movies they look at.
    • One small example, though, would be that Hannah has said several times that Family Guy started reference humor and made it popular. In reality, reference humor has been around for a long time. Family Guy just has a certain brand of it that uses it more overtly than a lot of other shows.
    • Jordan Peterson, as explained twice in separate videos, thought that the bill he opposed in his home of Canada (Bill C-16) was a compelled speech law that forced people to use other people's preferred pronouns if they identify as anything other than they look, or else they'd got to jail even if they meant nothing vindictive behind it. In reality, the bill just expanded hate crime laws to include trans people to be covered under the protections the laws already gave people of other races and sexual orientations.
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    • In one of their 2020 comment response videos, They talked about an episode of Seinfeld and, for some reason, thought that the woman with "man hands" was trans and thought the show was picking on a trans person, when it was making fun of the fact that Jerry would find a fault in a woman having larger than normal sized hands.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: A staple of their humor.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: What, ultimately, can be described as to why the 'Lisa' Chick Tract is so bad. You have abuse of a minor, implied bad parenting, a morbid tone, even for a Chick Tract, and a lot of other bad stuff that even Hannah and Jake's jokes couldn't save.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Harold Penisman, full stop. A character who was originally a one-note new age healer in 'The Last Generation' Chick Tract became an overly awesome new age healer who gives out free drugs to alleviate pain or boredom, gives rewards to those who help him out, doesn't eat people, likes nudists, is either gay or bi because he got most of his scar from "dick play," can maybe time travel, is ok with incest, has a very unintentionally hilarious onesie suit, which inspired his name, and has an awesome, yet hilarious, voice, all courtesy of Jake reinterpreting the Tract's lines and set dressings, as well as making character decisions as they read the tract. This most certainly is Harold P. Penisman. Ever since they first posted the video he first appears in, both many of their viewers, as well as Hannah and Jake, as they've retconned other tracts to establish the history of his bloodline, or establish he's been to time periods from before his dystopian future.
  • Franchise Original Sin: Some people stopped being fans of them around 2017/18 due to perceived increased focus on politics, particularly the left-wing kind, and increased awareness of certain hot button social issues in their videos. If you rewatch their earlier videos from before then, they had, at times, discussed political topics and other things with a more left-wing view, it's just that they had more blasé attitudes towards certain things, as well as guests they had on the channel (for instance, they had Sargon of Akkad read a Chick Tract with them, whom they have later stated they hate for his extreme right-wing political views and opinions) and have outright stated that they hate how they handled certain things before that time, which is why they chose to change how they go about things. The channel also use to be entirely devoted to atheistic content, but has since expanded to include content based on other things.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Not a week after Hannah expressed why people like Leonard Nimoy and David Bowie died by 2016 and not Jack Chick, Jack Chick died. This is addressed in the next Chick Tract video they made, where they read the most controversial Tract ever written that was internally-banned by the company themselves, that they said they wouldn't do, but decided to do to show how crazy Jack Chick could be, and it's amazing how bad it is if you've seen any of their other Tract videos, or read the tracts yourself.
    • Later in 2017, the Charlottesville Riot happened a week after they started selling a shirt with fan art of Hannah dressed as Hitler from an old video from one of her history projects in school on it.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Ray Comfort personally sending the duo a gift basket after one of their videos about him was taken down due to a false DMCA, along with a note assuring them that he wasn't the one who DMCA'd it and telling them that he fully supports them in getting it back up. Given that Comfort has a...reputation among atheists and there's no shortage of jokes made about him on the channel, it's nice to see that he's still willing to defend his opposition's freedom of speech.
    • Hannah's coming out video, both for itself and Jake's protectiveness.
  • He Really Can Act: Logicked in the "Hi There"/"Wassup" Tract reading, as he had a combination fat, choking, and dying voice for when his character, Charlie Conners, was dying from the stake being impaled through his back. So much so that Hannah and Jake took a moment to applaud his performance. He also does a good job for his character in "Fallen."
    • Speaking of Hannah and Jake themselves, they both aren't half bad at voice acting either. Jake seems to be more comfortable, and has a larger vocal range than Hannah, but Hannah's not bad at acting either. They're both also really great at improv, best seen in their Chick Tract readings of "Hi There"/Wassup," "The Last Generation," and "Wounded Children."
    • Steve Shives also pulled off a really hammy and entertaining Devil and a girl's grandmother in the "Bewitched?" Tract reading.
    • Mr. Repzion also can act pretty well, as seen in the "Kidnapped" Tract reading.
    • Chris Ray Gun, also like Hannah and Jake, has quite a knack for improv.
  • Ho Yay: Tons. Not just with each other either, as they, mostly Jake, express attraction to male cast members and others involved with the movies they've seen.
  • Idiot Plot: Discussed in many videos, but overly pointed out in their God's Not Dead 2 review, where the teacher was put on trial for mentioning Jesus in her class in an historical context as if that wasn't the right way to mention Jesus in a classroom in a non-Christian school.
    • They also constantly point out how every Chick Tract they read from before Jack Chick died, though even after as well most of the time, is written as if the world only has one or so Christians and the people who aren't act like it's an entirely new concept they've never heard of, despite the vast majority of them taking place in the contemporary United States, a majority Christian country, or passed when Christianity became a major religion.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Me Gusta..."
    • Harold Penisman.
    • High Hannah and/or Jake from their 4/20 episode of Ask Hugo/Hannah.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Due to having more overt expressions of their politics, as well as their disavowing of certain people over the years, they've understandably have some people confused on their stances, even though they've always talked about politics and have shown their on the left. However, their more relaxed attitudes towards some things and their brand of comedy taking the piss out of basically everything, as well as certain guests they've had on their channel, has attracted certain people to their channels who get confused when they state something they don't agree with.
  • Periphery Demographic: They seem to have one for gay people, as there are some gay fans who mail in stuff to their P.O. box.
    • Jake's Twitch audience is composed of a lot of LGBTQ people in his audience thanks to his open acceptance of them and hatred of people who are intolerant of them.
  • Seasonal Rot: Though you'd most likely be hard-pressed to find someone who watches them regularly that will say this, Hannah has said she feels this has set in to a degree at a few points. It's likely a joke, though.
    • They also feel that, after Jack Chick's death, the magic of the unintended Insane Troll Logic of the pre-2017 Tracts are slowly lowering in quality, to the point that "I See You" is just trying to be straight-up Nightmare Fuel in Tract form because it doesn't have a story, or any central characters, just imagery and narration intended to evoke a paranoid reaction from those who're afraid of God, and thus is causing this trope.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The entire point of them reading Chick Tracts came from this, as they're good material to base jokes on and make fun of. They also point out when the Christian movies they review count as this.
  • Stock Footage Failure: In the "Jack's Final Tract...(Probably)" video, at the beginning, you can clearly see Jake's red shirt behind Hannah's chair. It's a fail because Jake's supposed to be in Idaho still. Now, why Jake couldn't stand off camera when Hannah did the "what?...what?" thing he did, since they switched cameras for the skit anyways, we don't know.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Logicked started to take the "Hi There"/"Wassup" tract seriously, until he admitted to it and Jake told him not to, since they're not worth it.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Most times in Chick Tracts and the Christian films they look at, the people portrayed as in the wrong, or as the Designated Villains, are actually more sympathetic that the supposed "good guys" that come off more as Designated Heroes of the stories, especially if Hannah and Jake play up these aspects. It also leads to...
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: As said above, the so-called "good guys" are more of terrible people than the "bad people" in the stories. Also, God in stories from The Bible, as his logic is very questionable a lot of the time in said stories.
  • Values Dissonance: Discussed in their Bible and Quran study videos from the books being thousands of years old with the values of the times and cultures they were written in, as well as the Chick Tract videos and Christian movie reviews, due to them being written and made by Evangelical Christians who portray the world with their persecution complex-filled brains.
  • What an Idiot!: This is, basically, Jake's reaction to Hannah when they did the 420 episode of Ask Hugo when Hannah started getting high before they started rather than getting sequentially more high as the video went on, as Jake was and expected she would too.

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