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  • Complete Monster (1959 film): The BatLieutenant Andy Anderson—is a notorious killer who committed a slew of murders and other crimes before the movie starts. The Bat returns several months later to begin a new crime spree, breaking into The Oaks early in the film, returning to The Oaks after hearing rumors of stolen bank notes hidden in the mansion. When Mark Fleming, nephew of Oaks owner John Fleming, finds blueprints that lead to a hidden room where the stolen goods are, The Bat brutally murders him by slashing his throat. Later getting found trying to find the hidden room, he murders Oaks housekeeper Judy during his escape. After this, he attempts to fake his death by framing and murdering Dr. Wells and staging it as a suicide. When Dr. Wells finds him, they fight, with The Bat eventually killing Dr. Wells. Drugging a policeman assigned to The Oaks, Detective Davenport, and sets fire to The Oaks garage to draw the occupants out. When they confront The Bat, he kills Detective Davenport and prepares to murder the remaining three occupants, only to be stopped at the last minute.

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