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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Travis very much fits the profile of a sociopath; Glib and superficially charming. Manipulative pathological liar with a sense of entitlement. No real sense of shame or guilt (a fact which he's very proud of). Callous. Promiscuous. Might or might not be capable of genuine love or affection. Needs constant stimulation and lives a parasitic lifestyle. His RPer has even theorized as much out of character, though it isn't considered to be canon.
    • Lincoln: Sweet, well-meaning but sheltered kid who is rarely intentionally hurtful, or self-centred Jerk Jock who coasted through life on his athletic ability and charm and didn't seem to think much, or care, about who he hurt in the process?
  • Base-Breaking Character: Depending on what camp you're in, Noah King was either one of the best things about Down These Halls or a poorly written Jerkass who was inexplicably never taken to task for being a terrible friend.
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  • Broken Base: The question of who would win in a serious fight between Bully and Jason- Which Word of God has stated is unlikely to ever actually come to fruition.
  • Crazy Awesome: Darian once "bought" Bully a yacht as a birthday present.
    • Bully's pet Komodo Dragon, Ozzy, who was implied to have eaten Teddy between Eyes Wide Open and Grapevine Fires.
    • The Clown Mafia, which grew out of a minor NPC who'd been hired to entertain at Clarissa's birthday party.
    • The Darkness, the universe's resident ambiguously undead serial murderer who quickly became an Ensemble Dark Horse among the members.
    • It's left ambiguous whether or not the person who owns the local diner, which Jason and Lanie both worked at, was actually Slenderman or just an overly-involved but kind-hearted middle-aged recluse.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Bully/Zara was a huge one, early on, due to the fact that she and Bully had fantastic chemistry- Bully's natural charisma being even more glaring when compared to her alternative love interest being Mason.
    • Word of God is that in and out of character, pretty much everyone saw Unresolved Sexual Tension between Jason and Rissa long before Alex or Robyn did. They actually got some minor Ship Tease early, but didn't actually get together until midway through the first game. The previous consensus between the characters' RPers had actually been that they were Like Brother and Sister.
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    • Mason/Slenderman is more positively remembered than any of his actual canon relationships.
    • Linc/Chas was far more popular than Linc/Cotton or Noah/Chas.
  • Freudian Trio: The three site admins themselves could arguably have fallen into this- Although all three tend to swap hats from time to time, Robyn is usually The Kirk to Anna's McCoy and Alex's Spock.
  • Growing the Beard: While there were early flashes of promise, it was the Homecoming Event when the site itself really started to grow the beard, and the storylines became more unified and interesting.
    • Zara's miscarriage and Jerry's murder could both makes claims for being emotional high points. Both are massive tearjerkers that even members who weren't in any way involved admitted to bawling while reading through.
  • Hollywood Homely: Xavier is often compared to gnomes and troll dolls, in terms of appearance, but he's rather good looking by any reasonable standard and not really any uglier than any of his male classmates.
  • Ho Yay: Jason and Bully, if the tumblr confessions page was anything to go by, had their fair share of shippers.
    • Bully's frequent comments about Jason's muscles, Jason's fanatically blind loyalty to Bully, and their tendency toward deep emotional talks while driving home from the cabin certainly didn't hurt the argument any.
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    • Bully and Mason arguably had more chemistry together than Zara and Mason did.
    • Zara and Rissa also have their fair share of Les Yay over the course of the games, though it's more on Zara's end than Rissa's- Zara seems every bit as fond of Rissa's breasts as Jason is. This is lampshaded by Bully during Grapevine Fires in his theory that Rissa's behaviour around him comes from being a closeted lesbian in love with Zara.
    • It was a running joke that the (ostensibly and very loudly heterosexual) Travis and Jerry came off as gayer (for each other) than Freddie (who was actually canonically gay, but closeted) did in general. Although considering that he was an Armoured Closet Gay, that does make sense.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships:
    • Xavier, when he's not busy trying to make Jason and himself happen, vocally shipped Jason and Jac. Naturally, he doesn't take well to Rissa, who also initially wavered between supporting Jason/Jac and thinking that they weren't a particularly good match at all.
    • Bully was the original captain of the Jason/Rissa ship, which also had a lot of out of character support.
    • People also apparently really shipped Jason and Bully, if the confessions page and bathroom wall areas were any indicator.
    • And at least one person has interpreted Jason and Darian's friendship as being intense Belligerent Sexual Tension. Jason, Darian and Bully as an OT3 seems just short of canon at times. Their actual OOC nickname was "the BROT3".
    • During Grapevine Fires, Jason and Whitney get a fair amount of Ship Tease and arguably had more chemistry than Whitney and Lucy (Whitney's canon girlfriend) did. Particularly notable, because Whitney describes herself as otherwise being "200% gay" at multiple points.
    • Lincoln Bauer was pretty much the site bicycle on Down These Halls, primarily due to the fact that he had chemistry with 'everyone'. He was frequently shipped with every other member of the Bro Circle (particularly Atty and Noah), Courtney, Chastity, Cotton, Rory, Hailey, Vega and even had at least one serious ship tease moment with Issy.
    • Noah had a similar reputation, out of character, although it was more Fanon than anything else.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Travis Fucking Huntington. While several characters claimed to be master manipulators, absolutely nobody backed it up quite like Travis did.
    • He managed to manipulate Jules into sleeping with him, twice, while skirting around actually beginning a relationship with her. Once he got bored, he dumped her by hiring a blimp to broadcast his "Dear John" Letter to all of Palm Beach, then predicted that she would run to Aleks next and sabotaged that relationship as well by posting the text messages she'd previously sent him (bashing Aleks and confessing that she was in love with Travis) online. And the one after that, by getting a football teammate she'd become interested in to ask her for nude pictures and then convincing said teammate to plaster them up on billboards around town and "jump-start her modelling career", on Travis' dime. Why? Because she slept with Aleks after telling Travis that she was holding off on sex until she got into a relationship.
    • Tristan punched him in the face once during a bus-ride to the Orlando Field Trip, and stole his megaphone. Travis first physically assaulted him, then trashed the hotel room they shared, the one next door, and managed to shift blame for all the damage all the damage onto Tristan... who he'd also managed to give pink-eye to.
    • Travis orchestrated an entire mental breakdown for Teddy by posting an online chat in which Teddy threatened to murder him online, causing two other people to do the same, vocally blaming him for a massive car crash that injured several people, and mind-screwed Teddy's then-boyfriend Aedan into turning on him as well.
  • Narm: Jason storming off to the hospital to confront Rissa over dumping him over text elicited more than a few laughs, out of character.
    • Teddy's attempted suicides were often melodramatic and overwrought to the point of unintentional hilarity in their execution.
    • Papa Brightman's Hot-Blooded Papa Wolf tendencies were very clearly meant to be very serious, but the nonplussed reactions of the characters on the receiving end often made them hilarious.
    • Noah attempting to express anger was usually a goldmine of unintentional hilarity, due to a set of repetitive character tics used to indicate that the character was upset (alternately hitting lockers and shouting, every time he spoke).
  • Narm Charm: Boone and Ruby's entire relationship. They basically fell in love at first sight. Boone was constantly going overboard in his gift-giving, while delivering flowery and lengthy monologues about his feelings for her. Ruby very clearly thought the sun shone out of Boone's backside, and would say as much to just about anyone within earshot. They're almost aggressively happy and idealistic about their relationship. But somehow, it just worked, and was one of the more heartwarming and popular relationships on the board.
    • Court's behavior could get rather narmy and childish when she was upset, rendering even her more heartfelt dialogue rather unintentionally funny, but she was just so earnest that one was never really taken out of the moment.
  • Never Live It Down: Darian "sharting" in Jason's car. It happened early on in Eyes Wide Open, and was still being referenced throughout.
    • Out of character, Rissa referring to Jason as her "big, grumpy bear" has stuck as an apt description of his character for years after the fact.
    • Bully taking a bite out of someone's forehead while high on shrooms at a house party.
    • Rockie was constantly teased about her irrational fear of trees.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Pretty abundant in every incarnation; Adanie (Adam/Lanie), Red (Ren/Ed), Renquel (Ren/Rockie), Tiffvis (Travis/Tiffany), Travules (Travis/Jules), Trelle (Travis/Elle), Jervis (Travis/Jerry), Jervedie (Travis/Jerry/Freddie), Zarullaissa (Zara/Bully/Jason/Rissa), Zarully (Zara/Bully), Zason (Zara/Mason), Bulson (Jason/Bully), Bullissa (Bully/Rissa), Javier (Jason/Xavier), Jaissa (Jason/Rissa), Jara (Jason/Zara), Zarissa (Zara/Rissa), Davier (Daniel/Xavier), Willic (Will/Eric), Booby (Boone/Ruby), Edoone (Ed/Boone), Loone (Lanie/Boone), Adoone (Adam/Boone), Lanison (Lanie/Jason), Svetson (Svet/Jason) and that wasn't even all of them!
  • The Scrappy: Jules was the original one. A Creator's Pet who had the habit of trying to derail any plots she would get involved in so that they were about her and her relationship drama of the week, and whose behavior was apparently always justified and in the right, no matter how insane or destructive.
    • Jules, however, pales in comparison to Teddy. He would actually have been a particularly good, if not over-the-top villain if he weren't so blatantly an Author Avatar for the person playing him. He was about equally reviled in and out of universe on a level that even Jules never achieved and even prompted Daniel to deliver a surprisingly brutal reason you suck speech.
    • And of course, the Brightman Brothers. A Boy Band made up entirely of people that were magically good at absolutely everything they tried, even if it flew in the face of their previous characterization or even the laws of reality itself. They were so hated that they inspired a rule change on Grapevine Fires just to prevent a repeat.


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