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  • "Common Knowledge": There's a story floating around that Black Love grew out of Dulli's plans for a noir film he was writing. Dulli has denied this- he was planning a screenplay (Spoken In Darkness, by Ann Imbrie) that never made it, but Black Love had nothing to do with it.
  • Epic Riff: The intros to "Parked Outside" and "Faded", and all of "Algiers", "Amphetamines And Coffee", "Matamoros", "Somethin' Hot" and "My Enemy".
    • There's also the guitar riffs of "Kiss The Floor", "What Jail Is Like", "Into The Floor", and "Be Sweet", as well as the bassline that drives "Debonair" and the plaintive piano line that recurs throughout "It Kills".
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  • Face of the Band: Greg Dulli, given that he's the main vocalist and also writes most of the music and lyrics.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Arguably, the protagonist of Gentlemen.
  • Narm: The bit in "Faded" where the narrator sings "I wish I could remember what you said/when I said 'Enough'." He then immediately starts recounting what was said, without so much as an 'oh' or 'right' to signal that he's suddenly remembered.
  • Tear Jerker: "My Curse" is heartbreaking, both because of the lyrics and the sheer emotion Marcy Mays puts into it.
    • Most of Gentlemen can qualify, but "When We Two Parted" is another big one. The guitar itself sounds like it's crying.
    • "Crime Scene Part One"- it's about a friend of Dulli's who committed suicide.
    • "Faded" qualifies as well.
    • As do "It Kills", "Step Into The Light", and especially "Into The Floor"

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