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  • Complete Monster: "Finch"—true identity Thomas Sallinger—is a Fallen Hero. He is an absorber who leads the Believers, a group dedicated to seeking the prophesied reincarnation of a nigh-omnipotent man known as Elben, intending to set himself up as a god using Elben's powers. Finch falsely believes that the protagonist, a blind hero-in-training named Philip Sallinger, is Elben, and spends the book trying to force Philip to unlock his powers. In order to do this, Finch turns Philip and his friends into outcasts with the help of Chad; puts Philip's mother into a coma and later kills her; mounts an invasion of Philip's hometown of Freepoint with an army of Believers, killing hundreds; and finally threatens to destroy the town using a nuclear bomb, claiming that if Philip, his grandson, can't stop it, then "I don't want to live, and you don't deserve to." Completely lacking in compassion, loyalty, or honor, Finch shows that whatever kindness he showed on the outside was a sham to hide his true nature.

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