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  • Crosses the Line Twice: During a stream in mid-2019, a viewer donated and jokingly said “Let’s argue about anime. I wouldn’t even hold hands with your waifu.” Jerod’s response was legendary.
    Jerod: (holds up his hand to reveal his wedding ring): Hey, Profound... At least my waifu is real!
    (Starts shouting and randomly hitting drums and cymbals)
    • And then the chat started claiming his wife, Erika, wasn't real so he phoned her so she could verify that she was, in fact, real. Someone in the chat kept the joke going even then:
    Jerod: "One hundred dollars says that's his mom", FRICK YOU!
    (Erika laughs uproariously over the phone)
    Jerod: You'd better gift ten subs, fricker, all right?

  • Memetic Mutation: Jerod has commonly been referred to as a SiIvaGunner channel due to how often he plays those kinds of songs.
  • Signature Song: Is particularly associated with Megalovania from Undertale due to how often versions of it are requested in his streams. He currently has over 50 covers of different versions on Youtube.

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