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YMMV / Terror Train

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Alana, who is either a hypocritical, judgmental bitch for the role she played in the prank, or totally justified in her scorn aimed at Doc for lying to her about what they really had planned for Kenny and for making her complicit in instigating a poor young man's psychotic breakdown. Especially since she's the only person out of the entire guilty party who is willing to own up to how shamefully they acted. It depends on who you're talking to.
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  • Paranoia Fuel: There's a killer who, thanks to the costume party setting, could be anyone. And escape is impossible because it's an isolated location (a train) in the middle of winter.
  • Special Effects Failure: The severed head is clearly not Hart Boechner.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Locking yourself in a cage isn't actually good strategy to avoid a killer.
    • Most of what Alana does could qualify. After learning the killer is only after two people on the train, she storms out to confront him (separating from the other target, who has locked himself in a room for safety) loudly proclaiming that "He'll kill everyone on the train!!!" All 50+ people.


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