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  • Awesome Music: "Right to Dream" which, despite being Mariah's only song in the film, was well received.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Frank Evans' being a competent and seemingly compassionate police officer at work but immediately reverting to being a domestic abuser at home hits hard today, considering that a fair number of cops in real-life have been caught abusing their families.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Carter sarcastically telling Ellis (who is played by Ethan Peck) that "he got [them] a warp drive". Eleven years later, Ethan Peck would go on portray Spock in Star Trek: Discovery, a role originally played by Leonard Nimoy.
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  • She Really Can Act: Mariah Carey's performance was praised here, and considered far superior than her role in Glitter
  • The Woobie: Our main trio fits this trope perfectly.
    • Carter was a victim of child abuse by despicable, alcoholic father. As a result, he has a violent temperament as an adult, narrowly placing him into Jerkass Woobie territory.
    • Ellis is also a victim of the same abuse his brother went through, and now he's carrying terminal leukemia, yet despite all this, he somehow manages to keep a huge smile on his face.

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