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YMMV / Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven

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  • Adaptation Displacement: Much like with Mars of Destruction, the game the anime adapts isn't very well-known.
  • Awesome Music: Minori Chihara's "Naked Heart" plays over the intro, and is arguably the best thing about the anime.
  • Designated Villain: The squid, which doesn't really do anything at first (despite the protagonists being convinced that it is attacking the Earth), and only fights back when the protagonists attack it.
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  • Narm: It's difficult to take two of the girls' training session with their robots very seriously due to only a light clunk being made when one of the robot's arms collides with the other robot's arms.
  • Special Effect Failure: Like Mars of Destruction, this OVA is filled with poor animation, but special mention goes to the CGI squid, which rarely ever moves.

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