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YMMV / Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic

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  • Complete Monster: Vell is an unscrupulous industrialist who, unsatisfied with the vast riches that he has acquired from plundering the resources of various countries, made a deal with a trapped extra-dimensional entity that had previously destroyed Atlantis. In exchange for unfathomable power, Vell will release the creature and let it ravage the Earth. Needing one of the Starfire Gems to unleash the beast, Vell slashes, burns, and bulldozes his way through the Amazon in search of the Emerald Gem. After acquiring the stone, Vell uses its power to mutate his long-suffering pet jaguar into a monster that he sics on Princess Tenko, who frees the jaguar and shatters the Emerald Gem. Still possessing half of the Emerald Gem, Vell proceeds to manipulate Tenko's rival, Jana, into helping him steal the other half of the Emerald Gem from Tenko, who they lure into a trap by causing a destructive eruption at Mt. Vesuvius. Once he no longer has any use for her, Vell tries to feed Jana's soul to his imprisoned master deep within the ruins of Atlantis.

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