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YMMV / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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The video game:

  • Difficulty Spike: The Karai fight near the end of Chapter 3. After slight to medium difficult battles leading up to it, suddenly you're fighting a constantly teleporting, avoids-almost-all-your-moves-easily Ninja Mistress THREE TIMES as you move up the construction site, all while fighting a seemingly-endless and increasingly difficult bunch of Foot ninjas. THEN you go right into a battle with Shredder and another similar batch of ninja. Hope you saved your pizzas, throwing weapons and leveled up your turtles.
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  • Funny Moments: This exchange when the Turtles first encounter a Purple Dragon armed with a knife.
    Leonardo: You shouldn't play with sharp objects.
    Michelangelo: You shouldn't run with them, either. Boy, did I learn that the hard way!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Mikey says he always wanted a tattoo. This was around the same time the character designs for the 2014 film were released.
  • Porting Disaster: The PC version has no graphical options outside of changing the screen resolution, a bug that doesn't allow players to exit from menus forcing them to close the game by other means, co-op not working at all if you use private lobbies or invite friends, the turtles getting stuck during gameplay and many other problems.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: It was disliked, critically, for its poor AI, bugs, boring environments, and half-complete gameplay.
    • It's easy to get lost in the environments on first play through, or go the wrong way. The AI turtles never offer any help, other than shouts of "We've been here too long!"
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    • The game will occasionally bug and not trigger open the next section after you've beaten all the bad guys.
      • Happens in Survival mode, too. Particularly the warehouse level, where enemies sometimes freeze in spots where you can't get to them, or mousers will clip through environments and get stuck.
      • The Turtles themselves sometimes get stuck in mid-air.
    • Learning all the special moves and combos in the dojo is frustrating and awkward, although button mashing randomly in battle sometimes leads to some really cool moves (though it would be nice to know how to actually do them).
  • Uncanny Valley: Hoo boy... The Turtles fell into this hard, with complaints about their looks being first and foremost among fans of all types.

The movie:

  • Angst? What Angst?: Bebop and Rocksteady had no idea the experiments were going to mutate them, but they don't seem to mind at all. If anything they seem to enjoy it.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The Foot Clan in this movie are actually Ninjas instead of gun-wielding terrorists.
    • The slight changes to the turtles design have been welcomed as well, particularly the fact they seem slimmed down in a way as well as the noses looking better than the previous film.
    • The first movie was criticized for pushing the Turtles to the sidelines in favor of April. The film puts more focus on the Turtles, particularly with a subplot of them trying to look more human so they can go up on the surface.
  • Awesome Music: The end credit song "Turtle Power", which is a remix of the original cartoon's theme song.
  • Broken Base:
    • Casting Tyler Perry as Baxter Stockman. Some people were a bit wary with the casting choice and feel that a different actor should've been chosen; others felt that he did fine and played a fun, if not cartoony villain for the movie. There's also a third camp that doesn't care about the casting choice and is simply glad that Baxter wasn't given a Race Lift.
    • The amount of characters and references from the 1987 series. While some appreciate the fact that beloved characters such as Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady finally came over to the big screen, others see it as simply Pandering to the Base and overcrowding the movie, due to the writers relying too heavily on nostalgic callbacks in order to force the fan's approval.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Baxter Stockman got noted a lot as the most fun part of the movie. Some negative reviews went so far as to say Tyler Perry seems to be the only actor who actually wanted to be there.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The sheer sincerity with which this line is delivered; doubly so considering it's uttered by the angry-cynic of the quartet.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Oliver Queen during the flashbacks of Arrow has a hairstyle quite similar to Casey Jones' long hair and now his actor gets to portray the character, albeit without the traditional 'do.
      • Casey's complaints about how the shotgun intended for guarding the prison wagon isn't even loaded, which makes the bow and arrow look like a much more practical choice.
      • And now we have Casey meeting Vern Fenwick, played by Will Arnett, making this the closest thing we'll get to the Green Arrow working with Batman!
    • In the Honest Trailers video of the first film, the narrator and the kid accompanying him both agreed that the new movie should have "a mutant warthog and a badass rhino." Guess who's showing up in this movie?
      • Even better is that he listed Krang, Casey Jones, and Bebop and Rocksteady as the ones not appearing in the movie, all of whom were saved for the second.
    • A leather-clad Rocksteady wielding a large bat on his character poster bore quite a few similarities to Negan, who was about to make his debut on The Walking Dead at the time of the poster's release.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: While the film makes many improvements over the first one, the ending battle with Krang is very similar to the ending battle from the first movie, with the Turtles fighting a single stronger opponent somewhere high in the air, while April and Vernon deal with the henchmen below. Donatello is even in the same position of hacking the villain's Doomsday Device.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Even some people who didn't like the previous film are willing to check out the sequel either to A) see Stephen Amell kicking butt as Casey Jones, or B) see Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady finally appear in a movie.
  • Memetic Mutation: "My name is Oliver Queen," for Stephen Amell's portrayal of Casey Jones and his introduction line to April.
  • Narm:
    • The completely gratuitous shot of April bearing her midriff for no apparent reason got quite a few groans, with many suspecting Executive Meddling on Michael Bay's part. It doesn't help that pretty much every trailer used the scene.
    • Megan Fox's performance once again leaves something to be desired, and often looks either mildly confused or just bored.
    • Instead of having a traditionally high and undulating voice, Krang now has the baritones of Brad Garrett. Instead of sounding like a comedic villain that could be taken seriously in the right situations, the overlord of Dimension X now sounds like Goldar.
    • April simply dumping a costume hat onto someone's head makes all others believes he is wearing a costume, while the guy himself is staring in disbelief.
    • Bebop and Rocksteady look somehow more like cartoon characters as humans than they do as mutants.
    • While everyone else has been reasonably updated, Krang still talks and acts like he's an 80's cartoon villain.
    • When Shredder meets Krang, he has little to no reaction to being abducted by an alien warlord. Even when the viewer accepts that he's met the Turtles, it's still too ridiculous to take seriously.
  • Pandering to the Base: With the introduction of Casey Jones, Bebop and Rocksteady, the Turtle Van, the Foot clan being ninjas, the redesign of the turtles, and the introduction of Krang, some people feel that the movie is simply aiming for nostalgia factor and little else. See Just Here for Godzilla above. Given that the end credits play a cover of the 1980's cartoon's theme, it seems pretty obvious this was in effect.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Mikey gained a lot of flak from the first film for trying too hard to be funny, and for constantly flirting with April. In this film, he balances out his humor and takes certain situations more seriously, he only hits on April once and never even considers trying to date her, and he even goes through Character Development in the subplot where the turtles consider becoming human again with the mutagen.
  • The Scrappy:
    • The film's portrayal of Casey Jones is not well-liked when compared to the original character's darkhorse reputation. Many viewers reason that the film wasted what could have been a near-perfect casting for the character and forced him to play a bland, generic bore that the film doesn't even try to give any resemblance to his more beloved counterparts.
    • April isn't liked either thanks to her awkward sexualization and Megan Fox's bland performance. It didn't help that Fox's performance seemed like a step-down from the 2014 movie.
    • The film's incarnation of Krang was rather disliked due to his awkward introduction into the narrative, lacking presence within the film's plot (only appearing in the first and final acts of the movie), and cliche dialogue with the other castmembers.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: The Raph/April, Mikey/April and Casey/April shippers are all at each other's throats this time around.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: While opinions are still split on whether or not the movie is good, its lighter tone and inclusion of fan-favorite characters at least make it more interesting to watch and feel like a genuine TMNT adaptation compared to its predecessor.
  • Tear Jerker: After being revealed to the cops after breaking into the police station to steal back the mutagen sample, the cops call them monsters. After escaping and back in the lair, Mikey is obviously shaken up and says they weren't just afraid, they acted like they hated them. Splinter has to comfort him to get him back to normal.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Stephen Amell was well-received when it was revealed he would play Casey Jones, but there have been some complaints over his lack of a resemblance to the character, namely that instead of the medium-length hairstyle Casey has been known for in most incarnations, the trailer shows him to maintain a close-cropped style. note  The fact that Casey Jones is a police officer in this film, and thus would probably have a shorter, closer to regulation, haircut is probably a good reason for it canonically.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Splinter, Karai, and Shredder all feel underused in this film. Shredder doesn't even fight the Turtles.
    • Krang, to an extent. He appears for all of one scene to give exposition to Shredder about his portal device, disappears for the second act, and arrives just in time for his Technodrome to begin assembling in the third. On top of that, only Shredder and the Turtles ever communicate with him.
    • Some people feel this way about Casey Jones, stating that he wasn't very relevant to the plot at all, and that he didn't bond with any of the characters well.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The idea of the turtles being able to become human is an interesting one, but the film doesn't do much with it other than use it to set up the inevitable Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure.
  • Uncanny Valley: Like the first film, the use of motion capture on the turtles looks off at times, albeit it's not as disturbing as it was before (short of the part where Donnie's hand briefly morphs into a human hand).
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Krang's voice in the film is provided by Brad Garrett, whose baritone voice is rather strange for the traditionally high-pitched voice of the character.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • As per norm, Bebop and Rocksteady are living incarnate of this.
    • Casey's partner not keeping their shotgun loaded while transporting Shredder. Casey calls him out on this.
  • Win the Crowd:
    • This seems to be in effect after the divisive previous film, as the changes regarding Shredder and the Foot to make them look Truer to the Text have been better received. Same with the inclusion and casting of fan favorites Casey, Bebop and Rocksteady.
    • The first trailer starts off rather serious but quickly goes for as much goofy action comedy as you can fit into a single trailer. Stephen Amell shows up as Casey Jones saving April with a hockey stick and topping it off with Bebop and Rocksteady appearing, looking very accurate to their original cartoon appearances, right down to the purple glasses, mohawk and goggles. Even those who disliked the first movie admitted they loved this trailer.

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