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YMMV / Teen Titans S 4 E 6 TROQ

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  • Anvilicious: Like most anti-racism morals, it's about as subtle as an elephant, what with the Titan's reactions to Val-Yor's racism towards Starfire.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Val-Yor was shown to be smiling as he left Earth. Was he smiling because he was relieved to be leaving a planet full of Tamaranean sympathizers who called him out for his Fantastic Racism and smirking for being better then them? Was he really, deep down, thankful that Starfire saved him and slowly changing his views? Or is he still racist against the Tamaraneans, but proud of the Titans for standing up for their friend?
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    • Cyborg replies to Starfire's question of whether he's been judged because of his looks with "Of course I do. I'm part robot". Did he mean that at face value and he is discriminated against more for being a cyborg more-so than because he's black, or did he not mention racism due to Starfire's naivety towards Earth culture?
    • Were the Locrix really as bad as they seemed? The only evidence for them being evil was the word of an individual prone to Fantastic Racism. With this in mind, the violence they're shown to commit during the episode could easily be interpreted as self-defense, trying to preserve their people's existence at all costs.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: As unsubtle as it is, the episode shows that even a heroic person can have prejudice, and it's not limited to people who are more known for evil actions. It also makes it clear that some people are never going to lose their prejudices.

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