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  • That One Level:
    • In the ocean level, everything bigger than you will eat you. And there's a lot of them. And because your characters is big and round, and the fish are thin and long, you sometimes don't realize something is "bigger than you" until it's too late.
    • Not that the cosmos level is much better. Same Everything Trying to Kill You principle and same confusing ways to decide what's "bigger than you", but at least they don't actually chase you.
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    • The Black Hole level is near impossible to beat in timed mode; being too close to the black hole as you're eating stars risks you colliding with it and dying, and being too far away from it makes it harder to eat stars since they'll be further apart.
  • What Do You Mean, "It's for Kids"?: According to our (second) favourite online Great Big Book of Everything, it's targeted at 8-year-olds (and up). Sweet Dreams, kids!


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