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Comic Book

  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Though only because he's not quite made the transition onto Breakout Character. Tasky is rather popular with fans, and has a large following himself, but he's never been exposed much. Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spiderman PS 4 are his only outside media and he's never had an ongoing, despite positive reception to his various miniseries' and guest appearances. When Secret Avengers was announced as being rebooted for Marvel NOW, Taskmaster was probably the most well received of the characters listed. To wit, when he appeared as a character players could unlock in a tournament for another character (Rocket Racoon) in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, many of the players competed just to get Taskmaster. For further perspective, when it was revealed that the Big Bad of the 2020 Black Widow movie was Taskmaster, after many years of fans wanting him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a great amount of fans were substantially more interested in seeing Tasky on the big screen than the movie's titular Breakout Character.
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    • Taskmaster's short lived Udon-Designed costume, which resembles a heather/sport blue sweatsuit and a hockey mask, is a rather popular design. Considering the number of custom figures and costumes made of it, and the fact that he's often drawn in this outfit, for some who hear about the character before reading him in a comic, it comes as a surprise to know he only wore it for a short while, unfortunately.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • When he finally remembers his wife Mercedes, but is forced to sacrifice this memory in order to copy a move that his body is biologically incapable of performing, which doubles as a Moment of Awesome by itself. The Tear Jerker aspect is doubled as, after he quietly walks off after, Mercedes leaves behind a tape for Steve Rogers to find explaining that she will continue to monitor Tony and act as The Org, as its the only way she can be close to him any more and she knows that he needs her to function.
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    • Also during that series, when asked why he doesn't become a hero despite the opportunity to do so, Taskmaster explains that while he doesn't remember what it is, he feels a great deal of guilt over something he did once, and believes that whatever it is, its such a horrible Moral Event Horizon that he doesn't deserve to be a hero. What is it that he did? He chose to take the Nazi super soldier formula that granted him his photographic reflexes because he wanted to be the best, and sacrificed being a happy and normal couple with Mercedes because of it. In other words, he made one poor decision, and he hates himself because of it that he punishes himself by playing the villain.
    • He wanted to fight Finesse (who is possibly his daughter) in the hope of being able to remember her, as fighting skills are the only things he can remember. Sadly, as she has the same power as him, all her moves are taken from others, so there's nothing unique about her for him to remember.
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    • He's very worried about Mockingbird while they try to escape from AIM Island and wonders what was done to her while AIM had her, and is noticeably shocked and sad when he is told that she's dead. He's then shot in the head by a Brainwashed and Crazy Mockingbird. Adding to matters, he honestly made a Heel–Face Turn when he joined the Secret Avengers, but his status as a Token Evil Teammate meant that he was the obvious suspect for who The Mole was, and he never got to prove his loyalty and innocence.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The Unthinkable mini-series changed his character in ways that are not universally popular.

TV Series

  • Audience-Alienating Premise: The US Version of the show. While many don't mind the majority of tasks being repeats of the ones seen in the UK series (famous people doing unusual tasks that you've already seen is still famous people doing unusual tasks, it's still going to be funny), the most common criticism of the US version is that the episodes should've been filmed as hour-long episodes like the UK version is, not two 30 minute episodes placed back-to-back on the same night. The US version was also cut up to accommodate three ad breaks per episode, meaning compared to the UK version, it not only had six ad breaks per night (seven if you include the gap between the two episodes) for an equal amount of runtime, that also meant it had to have far fewer tasks in each episode, and also the majority of banter is kept to a minimum in the studio segments. The show only ever ran for 4 weeks (End of April - > end of May 2018), and got cancelled in January 2019, presumably due to the poor reception.
  • Awesome Music: Mark and Nish's song for the final episode of series five.
  • Ear Worm: The rather catchy theme song.
    • "TREE WIZARD!"
  • Base-Breaking Character: Fans are divided on whether Lou Sanders' personality and antics are hilarious or irritating.
  • Informed Flaw:
    • Many viewers felt Hugh Dennis was unfairly judged throughout the series he appeared in, noting in particular that the often disqualified lateral thinking techniques he used would not have gotten other contestants disqualified had they used them. Others felt that his "lateral thinking" was often straying into cheating, and in extremely boring ways at that, and supported Greg's decisions.
    • The first task of series four was to draw the most accurate image of a person whom the contestants could not look at. In the end, Greg seemed to judge the drawings based more on artistic talent than on the accuracy the task was supposedly based on.
    • Greg's judging of Phil Wang received a response similar to Hugh Dennis. Phil also brought it up on Twitter, commenting that he felt he'd been unfairly judged, but given the textual medium it's unclear how serious he was being. Greg later said that watching the episodes back, he did feel as though he'd been too harsh on Phil.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In one prize task in season 7 the contestants must provide the creepiest thing. Given that he had used the same unflattering photo of Greg for every prize task until then Greg expected Rhod to use it here as well. Instead he provides a video of Greg sleeping, shot from within his closet. According to Greg he'd believed Rhod had left that night. He hadn't. Unsurprisingly he won that task.
  • The Scrappy: Alice Levine was not hugely popular with viewers who perceived her to not be putting very much effort into the tasks.
    • Iain Stirling also attracted ire from viewers who thought he was taking things a bit too seriously (with an often-cited example being the ball-bouncing task in "I've Been a Bit Ill", where he gets annoyed with the scoring and doesn't clap the winner until he realises the camera is on him).
  • Seasonal Rot: Series 6 appears to be generally considered the weakest so far on account of the cast not gelling as well as previous ones.
  • The Woobie: Joe Wilkinson definitely counts. Over the series, he more often than not came last in the challenges, never won an individual episode, and was ranked in last place overall. In "Fear of Failure", he was the only contestant who managed to throw the potato into the hole on the very first attempt ... and was then disqualified because he had stepped on the red green, which meant he broke a key rule of the task.

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