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YMMV / Tari Tari

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  • Awesome Music: Seeing as this is a musical anime, it's inevitable that Tari Tari will dish out some neat tunes within the show. The prime contenders are:
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: There seems to be a number of fans who ship Wien and Wakana together, especially after episode 4.
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  • Hollywood Pudgy: Sawa's dream of becoming a jockey is hindered when the school that she wishes to attend has a weight limit, one that she doesn't meet. So she starts to eat less and less until she's barely eating at all. However Sawa isn't fat or even chubby in the slightest, she's just very tall and has a more mature build than most Japanese girls her age. This is why she ends up attending a jockey school in America, as the weight and height limitations are much more generous. Taichi even points out that Sawa isn't fat at all, though he's berated by Konatsu and Wakana for being insensitive.
  • Memetic Mutation: I don't money!
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: Thanks to the quirky characters, beautiful animation and emotional music, you will have a good time watching this series.

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