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YMMV / Tanya Tucker

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  • Covered Up:
    • "Delta Dawn" was first recorded by its writer, Alex Harvey.note  Bette Midler sang it on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Having watched Midler's performance, producer Billy Sherrill tried to sign her and have her record the song in Nashville, but Midler had already signed with another label, so Sherrill had Tucker record it as her debut single instead. Tucker's version became a Top 10 hit on the Country chart (and a minor hit on the Pop charts). A year later Helen Reddy recorded it, with an arrangement that replicated Tucker's almost note-for-note, and it became a #1 Pop hit.
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    • "Don't Go Out" was originally by Foster & Lloyd.
    • "You Just Watch Me" was originally released by Libby Hurley.
    • Both of the singles off Fire to Fire: "Between the Two of Them" was originally cut by Alabama, and "Find Out What's Happening" by Bobby Bare. Barbara Fairchild and Pearl River also recorded versions.
  • Ending Fatigue: "Texas (When I Die)" repeats the chorus six times in a row at the end.

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