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  • One-Scene Wonder: One of the Fishers' neighbors opens his mouth during The Reveal of Erik and Arthur's burglaries, and the discussion of how to handle them (hopefully without involving the police, pretty please), and lays the smackdown.
    I'll tell you what I never did. I never broke into an old lady's bedroom, and ransacked through her underwear drawer, and stole her pearl necklace that was handed down to her by her own grandmother, and then gave it to my girlfriend like I was a big man or something. I never did that. And I don't know anybody else who did, either. Your kid, and that other kid, are in a class all by themselves.
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  • Rule of Symbolism: The muck fire. The lignite that underlies Tangerine County is always burning, somewhere, just a little bit, but it flares up when lightning hits the ground hard enough, in enough places. And then there's trouble.
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  • The Woobie:
    • Luis Cruz, all the way. A kind, talented, role model-worthy big brother... who dies unceremoniously on the orders of Erik.
    • Paul, too. He's living in Erik's shadow, gets treated as a freak due to his glasses, has trouble with dating girls, and can't get anyone to listen to what he has to say. Oh, and then there's the fact that he was made legally blind by his own brother.



  • Dancing Bear: How many of you discovered this movie solely through the fact that it was filmed on iPhones?
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dinah's got a smart mouth and spends much of her screen time needlessly antagonizing those around her, but you can't help feeling bad for her as she gets beaten up, dragged around LA with only one shoe, and then dismissed by everyone else as being below notice. And then she gets kicked out of the apartment she was living in.
  • Re Watch Bonus:
    • Once you know that Alexandra slept with Chester, certain scenes have an entirely new meaning.


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