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To any Tdards trying to edit the page YMMV tropes go here (any tropes with an orange dot instead of a black one).

  • Crosses the Line Twice: Occasionally. Always hilarious.
    (After Brett Elston echoed another editor's opinion about the use of "rape jokes", namely that "they better be a goddamn riot").
    Brett: "...that's true. If you're going to go to the trouble of "and the punchline is, she was RAPED!..."
    Chris: *in a catskill comedian voice* "Alright, alright, you convinced me. Alright everyone, clear out, clear's time for rape jokes".
    Brett: "Ehh, that's alright, but if-"
    Chris: "A guy walks into a bar..."
    Brett: "This better be the best-"
    Chris "...and says "I can fuck any woman in this bar." And the bartender asks him "Howzat?". And he says "Cause I'm a rapist.".
    *groans and slight laughter*
    • Quite a bit of Episode 154, the "Rapture episode". Specifically when the hosts discuss their post rapture plans. While Brett (finish all his games while the electricity lasts and raid his local market), Henry (read a lot, hope it isn't like The Road) and Mikel's (be killed in the initial earthquake) plans were funny but not particularly over-the-top, Chris's was very simple and succinct.
    Chris: "...rape". (in a quiet, almost timid voice)
    Brett: "What about your girlfriend's plans?"
    Chris: "...rape".

    Chris: "All bets are off. The law and Jesus aren't watching".

    Chris: "So are you not pretty envious of my idea?"
    Brett: "Even that will get old will get old. There's a point where everything gets old".
    Chris: "I can rape anything. Name one thing I can't rape."
    Brett: "You can only do that to living things. You can't rape a tree".
    Mikel: "Are you saying a tree's not alive?"
    Brett: "It doesn't have feelings to hurt. And dignity to offend".

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  • Fan Community Nickname: Tdards.
  • Ho Yay:'s inevitably there. Chris/Anyone being the primary offenders. Multiple fanfics have been written.
  • Tear Jerker: Episode 176, the departure of the Date Master, Brett Elston.
  • The Woobie: Henry in The Christmas Episode
    • Brunswick Bowling...?

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