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YMMV / Tales Of The Vanguard

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  • Nightmare Fuel: The Vanguard cross the Moral Event Horizon at light speed and never looks back, with Giganta Asuka and Black Mari wiping out entire city-blockfuls of people and gloating about it, not to mention killing Super Rei (by ripping her heart out) and Kiki (a little girl, by squashing her like an over-ripe tomato) and going all "I just did that, and what are you gonna do about it?" to their onlooking friends.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Super Rei's death at Black Mari's hands. Although it's highly foreshadowed that the Return To The Past may resurrect her, it still hurts to read her Go Out with a Smile as Asuka holds her and begs her to stay alive, and then her body getting lost in the midst of all the rubble as Mari brings down a building on top of them both (killing many bystanders deliberately). This, Mari treating Rei like an Expendable Clone, and then threatening to rape and kill Asuka's other lover Ranma, drop-kicks Asuka through the Rage Breaking Point and makes her pummel Mari while screaming out oaths of revenge. Later on Submariner R arrives as The Cavalry after Asuka beats Mari up, and he asks where Rei is... cut to them arriving to the rendezvous point with a hefty amount of grief.
    • Giganta Asuka grabs on to Kiki and squashes her into pure "chunky salsa" before tossing the bloody mess to Prime and stomps on a boat full of people for the sake of pulling a Kick the Dog, then gloating about how the Young Avengers won't kill her because of super-heroic morality. Mr. T orders the YA to look away before beating her to a very literal inch of her life, and Chris pretty darkly says that he hopes she gets the death penalty.

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