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  • Angst Dissonance: A common complaint about Veigue is his constant angst over Claire, to the point where it seems like he's obsessed with her and thinks of nothing else but her. It doesn't help that she's his adoptive sister. May be why he was Demoted to Extra.
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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Annie is reasonably popular in Japan but is disliked in the rest of the world due to her racism. Her character arc dealing with said racism is often seen as too little too late and the fact that she picks on Eugene, who is universally liked, does not help.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: A party of Veigue, Tytree, Eugene, and Hilda is pretty much the endgame party you'll see in various playthrough videos. However, Hilda is sometimes replaced by Mao for elemental advantage reasons. And if someone puts Annie in their party, she will always be player-controlled.
  • Complete Monster: Tales of Rebirth has the Big Bad and two of her Co-Dragons:
    • Zilva Madigan is the genocidal leader of the Four Stars and the one pulling the strings behind the Kingdom of Callegea to ensure that the Gajuma reign supreme and the Huma are all eradicated. To achieve this, Zilva possessed the body of Dr. Barrs, the most revered doctor in the kingdom, then used it to poison and kill Ladras Lindblum, the King of Karegia. Following this, Zilva used Dr. Barrs's body to attack his good friend, Eugene, forcing Eugene to kill Barrs in self-defense, leading to Eugene's exile for "murder." Afterwards, Zilva began manipulating the naïve daughter of King Ladras, the new queen, Agarte. Zilva convinced Agarte to kidnap beautiful Huma girls for Agarte to switch bodies with, kickstarting the events of the game, and later convinced Agarte to revive Geyorkias, the King of Sacred Beasts. This was all done so that Zilva could take over Callegea and use Geyorkias's power to cleanse the world of Huma.
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    • Tohma, one of the aformentioned Zilva's Four Stars, stands out even in comparison to his boss as a vile being, especially for his treatment of two characters, Hilda and her friend Millitsa. Tohma was intrigued in the combat potential of Halves, and so lures out and abducts Hilda from her loving parents and kills her father in one punch when he tries to get her back, laughing at how weak he was. He proceeds to raise Hilda as a Tyke-Bomb, making her and Millitsa—whom Tohma has brainwashed—grow up in an environment where they would be neglected and ignored for being Halves and lies to them about being able to gift them with "pure" bodies if they do as he says. He then trains them to torture and kill while they are still children, abducting people for them to "practice" on. When Hilda breaks off her horns in an attempt to pass as human, Tohma sends her on a suicide mission he fully expects her to fail and reveals he lied to her when she does, making her powers go out of control which could easily kill her.
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    • The aforementioned Saleh, Tohma's partner in the Four Stars, is a Boomerang Bigot who willingly goes along with Zilva's plans to eradicate all Huma, despite being one himself. Obsessed with "The power of the heart," he aims to destroy this power by causing misery and despair wherever he goes, be it by hurting civilians for no reason or by deliberately heightening tensions between Huma and Gajuma—said tensions powering an Eldritch Abomination. No one is safe from his malice, including children or the comic relief villains, whom he brainwashes into attacking the heroes until they either kill them or die trying.
  • Crossover Ship: Annie/Ruca/Jude, due to the three of them being fifteen and aspiring doctors.
    • Mao/Caius, mostly because of their partnership in Tales of Vs.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Eugene, mostly because he's the first humanoid party member who mostly looks animal-like and that he's the Cool Old Guy who is actually old.
  • Growing the Beard: Alongside Tales of Symphonia, this marks the point where the series really started to grow the beard. This game is when the plot started getting Darker and Edgier, often ending in the heroes winning at a cost. The animated scenes also started to get a lot better around this time, too.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Annie has been paired with everyone in the party and sometimes Saleh.
  • Memetic Mutation: Veigue yelling Claire's name.
    • To a lesser extent, jokes about how Claire and Agarte are part Giraffe.
  • Never Live It Down: Veigue was originally a cold and taciturn character, but is now just known as "that guy who screams "CLAAAAAAAIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEE!". It gets endlessly parodied in the Viva Tales Of videos, to the point where Veigue notes that even his voice actor believes that his personality has gone down the pan. Veigue tries to reinvent himself. It doesn't work.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Annie, especially after everyone unlocks "Heal" Force Cube Effect, which makes The Medic part of her useless. For offensive, she can only rely on Drug Leben, whatever Arte you assign to "Attack" Force Cube Effect, and (if you're lucky with Enhancement) a weapon with damage multiplier Enhancement. Not to mention her AI loves to get close to the enemy's range and attack them with her staff.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The art style makes Claire's neck look really long. And disturbing.
    • Agarte also looks unnaturally thin, like her torso shouldn't support her head.


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