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YMMV / Tails of the Bounty Hunter

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  • Complete Monster: Tails of the Bounty Hunter features these top members of the Quintuple Cartel:
    • Olly "The Baron" Kurrmor is the leader of the Quintuple Cartel and an ice-cold sociopath of a fox since the day he was a pup; he murdered another child simply for refusing to share his popsicle. The Baron precedes over widespread weapons trafficking, organized murder, and awful scientific experimentation, and kicks off the story offering his services to destroy nearly a billion lives on a moon threatening the empire his contractor represents-—planning to turn on and kill his own contractor afterwards to assure he isn't a threat later. The Baron's agents destroy entire cities and thousands of lives before he's finally stopped, and the Baron in response opts to annihilate his entire empire and all of his men with it, even murdering one of his men after having the minion tell him all about his life, simply to demonstrate how easy it is to take it all away.
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    • Dr. Vogar "The Chemist" Oblingor is a rapist and murderer who once violated and killed the family of one of his test subjects. Perfecting chemical weapons by testing them on innocent subjects, the wicked crook hands them to the Cartel for widespread use. In his hideout, Vogar experiments on a large amount of innocent beings to make Super Soldiers, subjecting them to agonizing procedures, with not even children and infants being exempt. When cornered, Vogar happily unleashes his mutations on an innocent town to give himself leverage, gloating all the while how brilliant he is.
    • Gobor "The Terrorist" Grizzor is a thuggish pit bull with a life of rape and murder trailing behind him, having gleefully dominated and violated everyone in his way. Weaseling his way into becoming chief of police of Knochen City, Gobor continues to rape and abuse everyone he can while abusing his power to cover himself, having countless dozens killed in organized attacks throughout Knochen City to pin blame on a guerilla movement called the Liberators. Eagerly taking part in the Cartel's plot to destroy hundreds of millions on a distant moon, Gobor tests out the compound meant to do so on a basketball stadium full of tens of thousands of people, forcing Cale Tomlik to watch after having raped him and tortured his partner.

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