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YMMV / T.J. Hooker

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: One of Eddie Izzard's routines sees him theorize that T.J. Hooker is Captain Kirk taking a month off from commanding a starship to play a police officer on a 20th century Earth-like planet.
  • Anvilicious - The series, with a threat of some kind (drugs, alcohol, guns, etc.) repeatedly declaimed by Hooker as the greatest evil that humanity has ever faced.
  • Crazy Awesome: Some of the action sequences are insane, especially the car chase between the cops and villains where both cars are on fire, which made it into the opening sequence later on for good reason.
  • Ear Worm: Once you hear that theme song, you will be bombarded with an unforgettable eighties mash of brass band, rock guitars, and synth drums. It sounds even more riveting in the high-definition remaster.
    • The original version is more traditionally orchestrated, with less synthesizers. Bonus fact, it was composed by Mark Snow, who would go on to write another Ear Worm theme: The X-Files.

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