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  • Best Boss Ever:
    • The first time you fight the Mecha Penguinators. It's basically the equivalent of the Baron of Hell. Then you fight two of them at the same time. Then you fight the Mk-II version, which can only be described as the Penguin Cyberdemon. It helps that they were supposed to be the final bosses of TAGAP's first part.
    • The final Henchman fight in the sequel, before they get demoted to minibosses. First phase is a jet, which is more fast and frantic than the Helicopter in the first game. Then the Mutator Rig kicks in, and you get a fat, flying penguin that shoots rockets everywhere.
  • Best Level Ever:
    • Megamania in the first game. It's a fun Boss Rush level, where you have to fight Pedro five times. And in the last fight he uses a One-Up, surprising the player.
    • "Acid Vodoo" in 2. For starters, you're overdosing on TAGAP, so you're in a constant Mushroom Samba state with time speeding up or slowing down at random, neon flowers sprouting at your passage, and fairies attacking you. The second half of the level has you ditching your weapons in favor of a scooter, and the game turns into an obstacle driving course.
    • The second part of Endgame in the sequel. The first part it kind of a cheap shot with a Scorpion, randomly spawning chaingun wielding Giant Mooks and a miniboss with attacks that are difficult to completely avoid; all of this with heavy music and red lights to give you a sense of dread. The second part has much more upbeat music, gives you more supplies and, to counterbalance, a metric ton of various kind of enemies, including a Mega Penguinator Mk-II and a Henchman. Twice, intervallated by a fight with a Mecha Crawler with heavy backup. With the XBox's Ring in the background.
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    • The final level of 3 allows you to guide one of the battle suits normally reserved for bosses. It has infinite ammo. Immense Amounts of Dakka ensue.
  • Demonic Spiders: Scorpions in 2. They are invulnerable aside for their "eye", which is very small and is shielded when it attacks. And it uses a chaingun, which will destroy your health if you don't react fast enough... and probably you'll run into it the first time and won't have time to back up from the bulletstorm. Somewhat lessened by having relatively low health, being especially vulnerable of nailbots, and the possibility of sliding directly in front of it and under the bullets, since it can't shoot and adjust its aim at the same time.
    • Mutants in 3 are quite resilient to damage (the only vulnerable points are the little control medal on their belly and the tanks on their back, and the former is vulnerable only to the Thereminizer), much more precise than their counterparts in 2, and are either fought in tight spaces or with heavy backup.
  • That One Boss: Penguinators in 3 normally have attacks that are extremely damaging, but easy to avoid. But in the Dept. of Defense HQ, you must fight two at the same time: not only they often attack in unison while targeting the bigger area possible, but they often love to close in and reduce your dodging space even more. At higher difficulties, you must farm enemies for extra health and lives, spam shield grenades and rockets, and pray.

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