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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Hyein is a world class jerk and hypocrite, no doubt about it, but she didn't deserve nearly getting raped by a recently monsterised Gapsu. Similarly, her eventual death was regarded with sadness instead of joy in spite of how much people were asking for it beforehand.
  • Catharsis Factor: Gapsu's death at Hyein's hands couldn't have been more deserved, karmic, or satisfying.
  • Complete Monster: In a world filled with literal monsters, two of the criminals manage to stand out as even more evil than them.
    • Joon Shin is a sociopathic killer who will gladly throw anyone under the bus if it means he can survive. A Bad Boss who used threats to bring together his group of criminals, Joon came up with the idea to feed people to the monsters to ensure they could survive, no matter how many innocent people were killed in the process. After arriving at the apartment, Joon quickly gains control over everyone there, killing Seon even though she wasn't a threat and even setting the Blob on fire. Joon goes on to kill Sangsu, one of his loyalists in the apartment, just to leave his body for the monsters as a distraction and ensure his own survival.
    • Gapsu Seo is a violently unstable murderer whose first act in the apartment is to defy Joon's orders to befriend Dusik, instead killing him just because he could. Gapsu's also a Serial Rapist, and it's hinted that one of his victims was underage. After transforming into a monster, Gapsu tries to do just one thing: rape Hyein, showing just how much he enjoys his crimes. An utterly insane and remorseless sociopath, Gapsu may have the least focus of all the criminals but his actions are far and away the most disturbing in the entire comic.
  • Designated Hero: Within the prologue alone Hyun yelled at his mother, insulted a popular singer and threatened the lives of anyone online who may disagree with on of his requests all while text appeared talking about his computer. Though he quickly develops past this and shows to be quite heroic underneath his bitterness.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Hyun yelling at his dead family at their funeral for not leaving him enough money is typical Jerkass behavior, but with the reveal that his parents told him to accept the bullying he was facing at school because his father could lose his job if they go public and his sister considered him a waste of space, all of his anger and resentment towards his family makes perfect sense.
    • Hyein originally seems confident that she could kill someone if she really needed to, but when she finally does, it serves as the final chip in her Sanity Slippage and she completely loses her mind.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Hyun and Hyuk both seem to just be assholes for no discernible reason, but as their backstories get revealed, it's clear that this is really what they are.
  • Memetic Badass: The general consensus is that if Dusik had both of his legs intact he'd be the most efficient monster killer in the setting.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The criminals all crossed it when Hyuk realizes that they've been using cut up human body parts to distract the monsters from their bus, which is how they got as far as they did. Joon then crosses it further when he murders Sangsu for basically no reason.
    • Hyein had the moral high ground when she killed Gapsu, but her attacking Yuri to stop her from potentially telling anyone else what happened (even though Yuri is in the middle of saying she won't tell anyone) makes it clear the her sanity is gone and there's nothing left.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: After Character Development, Hyun, while not actually loathed, quickly gathered a good deal of sympathy from the readers.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Hyein getting slapped across the face by Gapsu was fairly deserved. The Attempted Rape, on the other hand, was not.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Jayhun's death. He goes down fighting a monster that he knows he can't damage because the only alternative is letting it kill everyone else on the first floor, and as he lays dying, right before he's killed, his last thoughts are of Jisu's smiling face, causing him to Go Out with a Smile.
    • Jay's final death. While they may have been a selfish Attention Whore, Hyun being forced to kill him despite his initially harmless appearance, combined with the flashes he gets of what they were like as a person, makes it a genuinely tragic death.
    • The Reveal of what happened to Hyuk and Eun's parents. Their mother died when they were children, and their father, determined to get their money back, left them in an orphanage to go work. At some point after that, he died as well, leaving the two of them alone in an orphanage with no one but each other.
    • The death of Dusik Hahn, one of the characters from the very beginning of the comic. After succumbing to his monster infection and blowing himself up along with several monsters, he manages to hold on long enough for Hyun to find him. The emotions caused by Hyun coming back for him when even his wife and son never did causes him to start crying, and his final words are trying to absolve Hyun of any blame he feels for whatever happened to his family. He then closes his eyes and dies, imagining his family coming back for him. There is no shortage of emotions throughout this comic, but this particular moment hits the hardest by far.
    • The ultimate ending of the series itself. Hyun gives his final wish to Jisu - for her to name her future song "Sweet Home" - before transforming into a monstrous knight version of his anime icon, Sir Ryan. Said monster saves the survivors from Monster Joon, but Hyun quickly loses his consciousness to the monster and it takes the Hyuk sacrificing himself by transforming to stop Hyun from slaughtering everyone. The series ends with about a handful of survivors left, all deeply saddened by the constant sacrifices of dear friends made to even escape the building. The Stinger also reveals that Hyun never gave in to his one true desire as a monster, and he is reborn as a Monster Human with some emotions left, crying profusely while listening to Jisu's song on a discarded MP 3. It's sudden and abrupt and goes to show how powerful emotions really are in this setting.
      • Thankfully the Epilogue shows Hyun has survived his monsterization and meets up with Jisu and the survivors at a military base, and even is able to display emotions in his Human Monster state, including love for Jisu. While not as sad as the other examples are, the series ending on a happy note after everything and providing hope that Monsters and Monster Humans can potentially live peacefully should they not lose their emotions inspires a great deal of tear jerking hope and happiness for these tortured characters.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Gapsu's brutal death at Hyein's hands, courtesy of a slashed throat, is clearly meant to be unnerving, but it couldn't have been directed at a more deserving target from a more karmic assailant, so it's hard to hold it against her.
  • What an Idiot!: Hyun has just saved Jisu from the flying monster after electrocuting all three of them until the monster let go. Jisu is now lying on the floor, injured from the attack.
    You'd Expect: Hyun would quickly get Jisu up from the floor, maybe with an apology for the friendly fire, and they'd run for their lives.
    Instead: Hyun hugs her on the floor and refuses to let her move.
    The Result: The monster comes back, forcing the two of them to flee. They barely manage to get away from it before shutting a door in its face, leaving a rightfully pissed Jisu and Hyun on the other side.
  • The Woobie: Myeong Ja-Lim. In the backstory, she looked away from her child's baby stroller for a moment, and in that moment the stroller rolled away and was hit by a car, killing her child. The trauma of this moment causes her to hallucinate her dead baby as still being alive, slowly driving her mad and alienating her from everyone else around her. When she finally gets a chance to make up for this moment by saving the children in the apartment, she succumbs to her monster infection immediately afterwards, leaving her locked in the paradise of her own mind... until Jisu is forced to burn the cocoon she mutated into, meaning she is officially gone for good.

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