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  • Fandom Rivalry: A rivalry exists between fans and Zombs fans. Those who prefer point to its faster pace (the lack of a waiting room means that the action starts within seconds of clicking "play") and accuse ZombsRoyale of ripping their game off, while ZombsRoyale players prefer its superior graphics and closer adherence to standard Battle Royale gameplay (lobby and airdropping instead of random spawning making for a fairer experience). The rivalry is pretty close to that of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and Fortnite.
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  • Scrappy Mechanic: Players often express disdain at the headshot mechanic, which gives each shot a 15% chance of dealing increased damage. Its detractors claim that it adds a significant amount of randomness to the game, such as potentially turning a shotgun attack into a One-Hit Kill. Making this worse is the developers' strong insistence on not removing the mechanic, even after a poll showed that a large majority of players oppose it.
  • Scrappy Weapon: The OTs-38, dual-wielded OT-38s with a suppressor attachment. The OT-38 is already considered one of the weakest guns in the game, but the OTs-38 makes it worse by being exclusively available through golden airdrop crates, which tend to contain the rarest and most powerful weapons in the game. Getting what amounts to a slight upgrade to a weak gun is very frustrating since it means you didn't get something like the M249 or AWM-S.

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