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YMMV / Surface Detail

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  • Complete Monster: Joiler Veppers is a wealthy playboy who once ruined the life of a supposed friend of his to get rich and take the man's daughter Lededje as his own. Regularly raping Lededje, Veppers murders her when she tries to escape, unaware her mind survives thanks to a neural lace. Veppers also gets richer by selling and running artificial hells where the minds of countless victims on multiple worlds victims are tortured in horrific simulations for eternity. Worried that the anti-hell factions will win, Veppers arranges for an alien race to raze his estates into ashes with most of the innocent staff still there, all to avoid a loss in profits.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • You will spend at least 5 minutes paralyzed by the fear that you might be in one one of Hells' "Hope Simulators."
    • Just even thinking about some of the things done to those in Hell qualifies.
    • The fact that some civilizations are stated to have set up Hells purely because they thought that was how it was done.

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