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YMMV / Supervolcano

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  • Nightmare Fuel: A both In-Universe and out example as Jock, Nancy and Matt see the first vent's column collapse, creating a pyroclastic flow that begins bulldozing right towards them.
    • And as Nancy and Matt try to escape the flow in their vehicle, they find out that it's closing in quicker than they can drive. And eventually it finally catches up to them.
    • The sheer scale of the eruption is terrifying. The sight of the enormous, seething column of ash and smoke and rock shooting up into the sky like a geyser from Hell, wider than the biggest of tornadoes, soaring upward for miles and miles, blacking out the sky, bigger than any eruption you can imagine... and then a second towering column of smoke and hellfire just like it bursts out of the earth, then a third, a fourth...
      • As the eruption goes on, the park becomes little more than a volcanic sieve, with plinian plumes of ash and pumice popping up all over the place, then as the eruption starts to enter it’s climax all these fissure eruptions then proceed to all join up into one single, massive erupting vent like an apocalyptic cookie cutter.
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    • Oh, and here’s a little Fridge Horror for you. Bozeman is within almost 79 miles away from Yellowstone, and the news covering the climax and end stage of the eruption states that pyroclastic flows from the column’s complete collapse are radiating out in a radius of 100 miles from the base of the giant cookie-cut vent. Think about that and pray that anyone still left alive in Bozeman by this stage has bugged out, because as bad as the threat of your roof collapsing under the torrential ashfall sounds, being burned alive by a pyroclastic firestorm is much, much worse.


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