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YMMV / Supernatural S 08 E 19 Taxi Driver

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  • Fridge Logic:
    • If Crowley knew about rogue reapers, why didn't he torture one of them to find Purgatory instead of trapping and torturing all those alphas in Season 6?
      • It's never specified when Crowley learned about the rogue reapers.
    • In "Heaven And Hell" (S04, Ep10), Dean says that time passes differently in hell then on earth, so that the 4 months he was gone equals 40 years in hell. Therefore, wouldn't 24 hours of earth time equal around 120 days in hell?
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    • Who takes a Reaper when they die, another Reaper? And what does the Reaper's boss think about someone killing his Reaper? For that matter, Death is also portrayed in the series as borderline omniscient, especially in his area of responsibility. How could a Reaper even go rogue without his knowledge?
      • 1) It could be that reapers simply cease to exist when they die. 2) There is a spell that can bind Death, so there may be others which can enable oneself to hide from him as well. Furthermore, Ajay clearly still performs his duties as a reaper (as he took Bobby's soul to Hell when it needed to go there). His "coyote" activities are described as "moonlighting," which Death may not have a problem with since it does not directly contradict the natural order (that is, ensuring that people die when their time is up).
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    • Why would Sam leave his wristwatch to mark the portal to hell when getting back on time to meet the reaper was so critical?
    • How does Crowley know his half of the tablet does not contain "the good stuff" if the word of God can only be translated by a prophet?
      • He was most likely extrapolating from the fact that Sam and Dean were actually making progress on the "closing the gates of Hell" front, which would indicate that they had the crucial half of the tablet.
    • Last time we saw Crowley's version of Hell, he had everyone standing in line for all eternity. Either he's reverted to the Good Ole Ways, or he keeps a special section of Hell reserved for those who've really pissed him off, like Bobby.

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