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YMMV / Supernatural S 04 E 10 Heaven And Hell

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • While Dean and Anna's sex scene seems to have been meant as a tender and positive moment in which they find some comfort in each other, some fans find Anna bringing up what Dean did in Hell right before moving in on him to be manipulative. Coupled with how this love scene was back-to-back with Manipulative Bitch Ruby's You Are Not Alone seduction of Sam in the previous episode "I Know What You Did Last Summer", some have come off with the impression that the episode is meant to be hinting that Anna was also manipulating Dean with sex and Castiel's and Uriel's warnings about her at the beginning of the episode may have some weight after all. Anna's later Face–Heel Turn in "The Song Remains the Same" may have influenced this.
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    • For that matter, the strangely placed Reaction Shot of Castiel when Anna kisses Dean. Writers haven't stated what it was supposed to be, leading fans to argue whether it is meant to show Castiel's reaction to Anna saying that she forgives Dean (but not him) or human emotion, or to set up a Love Triangle by indicating Castiel may be jealous. There was some Ship Tease for both Destiel and Anna/Castiel, from Uriel telling Dean Castiel "has this weakness, he likes you" in the same episode (not to mention Dean and Castiel's legendary Ho Yay detailed here and Misha Collins' support of the pairing) to Anna laying her hand on top of Castiel's in "On the Head of a Pin" while trying to convince him to fall and join her and their actors agreeing at a con there might have been something romantic that went on between them. Anna and Dean both pausing during their sex scene to look at Castiel's handprint on Dean's arm as Anna touched it has only added fuel to the shipping fires.

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