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YMMV / Superman: Secret Origin

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  • Designated Villain: The military in issue 6. Yeah, Luthor, General Lane and John Corben were pricks, but the military won't give Superman a free pass when the matter of what he might be really after is at stake.
  • Narm: The bit in issue 4 where Supes fights the Parasite looks silly as an angle of them fighting looks as if they're making out, then fighting.
    • Lois Lane's warning that Sgt. John Corben is "one of the deadliest soldiers in the U.S. Army...a heartless killer" is meant to establish his Villain Cred, but it falls flat given that we've just seen him creeping on Lois only to be run off when he fails to intimidate Clark Kent with a crushing-grip handshake. He mostly comes across as a petty bully with a temper, not as some especially murderous, dangerous commando type.
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    • Also, the descriptor of "heartless killer." A little bit on the nose there, Geoff.
  • Uncanny Valley: A few times when a character, most notably Clark or Luthor, gives a big smile, they almost look psychotic. Well, in Luthor's case…


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