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YMMV / Super Hexagon

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  • Annoying Video-Game Helper: Did you just beat your old record? Then...
    Excelle—(zap) GAME. OVER.
  • Awesome Music: Possibly all of the music in the game, but especially Focus (Hexagonest's theme).
  • Even Better Sequel: Hexagon is a good game, especially for one developed for a game development competition with a limited submission window. Its sequel puts the "Super" in Super Hexagon by having six stages, a better framerate, more music, and more fair mechanics.
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  • Just One More Level: The combination of "oh, I could totally have beaten that!" and instantaneous restarting makes it really easy to get sucked into the game for a lot longer than you might expect.
  • Memetic Mutation: Playing the game on a Nexus 7.note 
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Hexagon, Wonderful and finally Awesome.
  • Sequel Displacement: How many people know about the original Hexagon?
  • That One Level:
    • Within Hexagoner, the rapid zig-zag pattern is an utter monster. If your timing is the least bit off, or if you overshoot the edge of the wall even a little ... *zap* Game. Over.
    • While Hexagon and Hexagoner are hard enough, Hexagonest is where the game really picks up. The "scroll" speed here is much faster, and the stage spins much more wildly, giving you less time to react than in the first two stages. The "rain" pattern here (a barrage of staggered wall layers) will most likely end your runs if you don't succumb to the fast convergence speeds or the faster triangle movement, and in Hyper Hexagonest, the spinning is up to eleven, and the double segmented spiral now turns at the middle. If "GAME. OVER." hasn't been drilled into your head yet, it will be when and if you complete this stage.

Excelle—(zap) GAME. OVER.

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