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  • Anchored Ship: For many fans, the conclusion to Gabi/Antonio came off as kind of a shock. All through the show, even till the last few episodes, they were hinting towards the fact that they are each other's destiny, future, etc. (Carmen's 'DESTINY' poster falling on them at the Career fair!)
    • In an interview with Nick Kiriazis who played Antonio, he explained that when he initially came on the show, the producers told him he wasn't going to be a priest for very long. But they kept prolonging the sexual tension every few months. Best guess: before the cancellation they were definitely planning on having Antonio leave the priesthood and eventually get with Gabi.
  • Awesome Ego: Not only is Gregory evil, he's a proud elitist to boot. As a young man he was apparently some kind of prodigy who made a fortune as a defense lawyer, formed his own land development company, and currently owns the biggest house in Sunset Beach (1 Ocean Drive), along with most of the town. Anyone would develop an ego.
  • Cliché Storm: Every horror movie convention in the book:
    • A romantic picnic in a cold, dark, damp, foggy swamp. Lovely. (Terror Island)
    • On his first trip to Derek's deserted lair, Ben takes a minute to ponder about which soap plot he's in (zombie? ghost? split personality?).
  • Ham and Cheese:
    • Del Douglas. It's as if Montgomery Burns mated with Yosemite Sam. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    • There were some notable people in the cast list, namely Lesley-Anne Down and John Reilly, who got clued in on the show's direction very early. (Sam Behrens didn't get the memo.)
  • He Really Can Act: LAD goes full-on William Shatner and it's glorious. But when she brings it down a notch, she can convey more with a raised eyebrow than most actors can with pages of dialogue. It's just too bad that, like Sarah Buxton and Sam Behrens, these guys really didn't have the best careers.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Gregory came close. Particularly in the ridiculous yet entertaining Tobias storyline.
  • Narm Charm: Yep—this was part of its charm and what made it strangely addictive.
    • Mark Wolper's absurd death scene. People cried. What made it rather tragic is that Mark deserved to die least of all, and certainty not at the hands of his surrogate father (or so he appeared at the time), thus depriving Sunset Beach of one of its few heroes. If Casey, say, had died then nobody would have given a toss.
    • Bette mourning the apparent passing of Annie. As scripted, it is a moving scene and well-played by Kathleen Noone—but then it starts to run on long, with the dramatic drop to the knees, clenched fists and tribal yell conveying, quite loudly, the depth of despair Aunt Bette is feeling. "DIDJA KNOW ANNIE? DIDJA KNOOOOOOOOOOOW??" You didn't know whether to laugh or cry, which is the show in a nutshell.
  • The Scrappy: No shortage of these, but Tiff and Sean top the list.
    • A tie between Meg and Maria. This was helped by the shipping rivalry over Ben in their respective fandoms.
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    • Actually the title belongs to Damien—er, Benjy. The kid was so hated that there are websites out there dedicated to proving how Benjy was orchestrating every evil plot that ever occurred on the show... despite being only five years old or so when the show ended.
    • Take That, Scrappy!: Benjy is included in the cast reunion of Meg's Kansas dream... except it's the name of the dog in this reality.
  • Shipping Bed Death: Couples on this show had an alarming tendency to break up if there weren't any more barriers to cross. Vanessa miscarried thanks to Virginia's attack and (temporarily) broke off her engagement to Michael. Meg was more or less kicked out of Ben's home by his irritating pimple of a son. A.J. broke ties with Olivia when she crawled back into the bottle. Perhaps worst of all, Ricardo couldn't forgive Paula for not having his back during the rape trial.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: "Shockwave" is The Poseidon Adventure done on a budget. "Terror Island" speaks for itself.


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