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YMMV / Suddenly, Last Summer

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  • All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game": There's a good chance you'll know how Sebastian died long before you see the play or movie.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Everything about Sebastian's death from the village boys begging for food and their mocking serenade of Catherine and Sebastian to their ambush and pursuit of Sebastian through the village and up to the ruins, with the imagery of Death littered along the way. To finally, their brutal attack of Sebastian that resembles something between the frenzied feeding of animals and a ritual sacrifice. With Cathy being unable to do anything but watch..
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    • Violet's description of her and Sebastian's trip to the Encantadas where they both witnessed the violent death of the baby sea turtles as they were torn apart by flesh-eating birds, ending with Sebastian claiming to see the "face of God" afterwards. It also serves as Foreshadowing for his own fate.
  • Narm if you've ever seen a documentary about sea turtles, Violet's description of the event seems a bit comically dramatic.
  • Values Resonance: The play and the film seem to protest against the then-common practice of lobotomies on individuals. Catherine is shown to be a traumatized, albeit very intellectual and emotionally aware young adult whose capabilities are being threatened by her wealthy aunt; lobotomies are shown as a method of sweeping unpleasant truths under the rug and oppressing people exerting their free will. About a decade after the film came out, a law called the Lanterman Act was passed that was supposed to prevent the coercion and force of such operations on individuals.
    • For Williams, it was a case of Write What You Know. Williams' beloved elder sister Rose was forced into a lobotomy at the insistence of their mother and spent the rest of her life institutionalized. Williams never got over his resentment.


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