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This is the YMMV page for Submissions Only.

  • Acceptable Target: They are always making fun of non-equity tours and the people who do them.
  • Dueling Shows: Could be seen as this with fellow Broadway webseries, It Could Be Worse.
    • In a bizarre way, it also briefly served as this for Smash, since both shows focused on the behind-the-scenes production of shows on and around Broadway and featured a large pool of Broadway talent. And the consensus with a lot of people was that they preferred the low budget webseries to the flashy TV production...
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  • Friendly Fandoms: Again, with It Could Be Worse since both are webseries created by and starring Broadway regulars and focus on the struggles of being a performer - the only real disagreements the two fandoms have is over the fact that Submissions Only is noticeably Lighter and Softer and features a (much) larger selection of cameos.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Depending on whether you knew Santino Fontana before Frozen (2013), it can be quite funny to see him as the actual male romantic lead in this series.
    • Also, the final episode of the first season has Penny accepting a role in Mean Girls: The Musical which was, at the time the show was written, an intentional (and somewhat affectionate) dig at the plethora of movie-to-musical adaptations that were appearing at the time. Cut to a few years later and an actual Mean Girls musical is now on Broadway.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A lot of people watch various episodes just because their favourite Broadway performer makes a cameo appearance (example: Jeremy Jordan showed up for five seconds in one episode and the comments on the YouTube video were 95% gushing over him).


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