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YMMV / Strider (Arcade)

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  • Most Annoying Sound: Hiryu's Kiai in Strider 2, which he shouts every single time you press the attack button. Given the very nature of the game, you will probably be mashing it non-stop, leading to a cacophony of screams that won't even let you enjoy the soundtrack.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • That One Attack: The Russian Gunner's machine gun, while manageable in Kazakh, is at its worst on the Third Moon. Impossible to dodge, forcing you to take a hit and use the invincibility frames to take him out.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Gravitron Core. The first half of the battle generally consists of waiting until it moves close enough for you to slash and hopefully destroy the atom-like satellites that are circling it. Once that's done, the Gravitron itself must be damaged, forcing Hiryu to jump and be trapped on its orbit. However, no matter how much you mash the attack button, chances are you won't be able to destroy it before it repels the Strider, costing one unit of health. Had a droid tied to that health unit? Too bad, it's going to be lost. Were you one health unit away from death? Tough luck, you are in an unwinnable situation.
    • Grandmaster Meio. There is not much strategy to this fight other than hope he floats in your general direction, slash him like a mad man and hope you can deplete his health before his unavoidable attacks do you in.
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  • That One Level: The Third Moon is a massive difficulty spike from the Amazon. It brings back the aforementioned Russian Gunner, though thankfully there is only two of him in the game. This is followed by a rematch against That One Boss Gravitron Core, the first one in the Boss Rush. Shortly after, you acquire the extended cypher power-up and engage Solo. Failed to defeat him before the power-up runs out? Too bad, the following platform section requires you to have it in order to destroy a robot that is blocking your path. After that, there is a Dual Boss fight against the mechanical gorilla and a T. rex, which can end in failure if you don't realize the latter respawns endlessly unless the former is destroyed. The level culminates in a sequence where Hiryu must ride Uroboros to the Grandmaster's lair, with the game doing its best to distract the player from Uroboros' flight pattern, before finally introducing the Big Bad himself in a chaotic battle that must be won to finish the game.
  • The Woobie: The Merrow, from Strider 2, is a mermaid-like creature with mysterious psychic powers. She was captured to become the power core of the Battleship Balrog, which uses her powers in order to fly. Encased inside the ship's reactor core against her will, she's siphoned of her energy constantly in a painful process which leaves her exhausted, as the energy obtained from her is so powerful she can't control it by herself and needs assistance from nearby Control Brains to keep it stable. Her species was hunted down specifically to power battleships of the Balrog's class. When Hiryu arrives, the Merrow, unable to endure the pain anymore, begs him to kill her. Hiryu destroys the machine, putting an end to the Merrow's suffering.

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