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YMMV / Street Legal

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The video game:

  • Broken Base: Between the majority of modders, and a few subsets who release "VIP" (privately shared but publicly displayed) mods. Alternatively between those who prefer "stanced" cars - ones where wheel choice and fitment is the main focus - and other kinds of cars.
  • Good Bad Bug: The Baiern / Emer inline six engine in SLRR can be made to rev to motorcycle-like speeds, without mods, if the rev limiter is set to progressively higher levels. (The rev limit was omitted from the Java sources for the engine by accident.) This means that, in addition to having better handling, the theoretically slower Baiern CoupeSport and Emer Nonus are better performers than the V8-equipped MC GT and Prime DLH 500.
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  • Sequel Displacement: SLRR has a significantly larger modding community. SL1 is arguably more playable in its career mode without mods or cheats, but its customization is much worse and it has nowhere near the modification support.

The TV series:

  • Awesome Music: The majority of the series' soundtrack was composed by Eric Robertson, who was nominated a Gemini Awardnote  for his work in 1987. The opening and ending themes are especially memorable.


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