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  • Broken Base:
    • The series itself, for making Street Fighter 3D in the first place. There were resounding cries, particularly in EX's infancy, that going 3D would forever sully the franchise's good name even though battles remained confined to a 2D plane.
    • Whether or not the characters introduced here should become Canon Immigrants or not. The issue cooled down over time as the series slowly became Vindicated by History, eventually leading to the CFN website for Street Fighter V revealing Zangief entrusted one of the chess pieces necessary for stopping Bison's master plan to Darun Mister for safekeeping, thus suggesting that, though they may never be playable in a mainline title, the EX characters are indeed canon to the greater Street Fighter universe.
    • Due to Arika and Capcom jointly owning the rights to the EX-exclusive faces but Capcom having no desire to do anything with them, the question has been occasionally raised as to if Arika would be better off forgoing a fourth EX game in favor of a fighter that includes only the EX newcomers (and the cast of Fighting Layer). With the announcement (later release) of Fighting EX Layer and the hotly debated quality of Street Fighter V, this argument has picked up traction once more.
  • Common Knowledge: Much misinformation has been spread about the series' storyline due to it not being well known overseas. Some of the things that have been considered canon by fans are:
    • Blair and Sharon are sisters. note 
    • Hokuto and Hayate are lovers. note 
    • Skullomania and Shadowgeist are twin circus performers. note 
    • Shadowgeist is Skullo's evil supervillain of an older brother and the heroic Skullomania must put him down. note 
    • Kairi kills Akuma. note 
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    • Garuda is Goutetsu's third student. note 
    • Hayate was killed off, which is why he doesn't appear in EX3. note 
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: EX is the darkhorse of the entire series, a status that extends to most of its characters:
    • Skullomania. To this day, he still shows up on a disproportionate amount of character wishlists:
      • It reached its peak at EVO 2017 when Skullomania was finally revealed for Arika's fighting project, Fighting EX Layer. It garnered one of the loudest positive reactions from the audience present at the event, close behind the announcement of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and the reveal of Geese Howard as Tekken 7's second Guest Fighter. Considering how Tekken is the most successful and popular 3D fighter on the market and how large the individual fanbases of the IPs featured in Cross Tag Battle are, it's pretty damn impressive that Skullo can generate that much hype after all these years.
      • Among Skullo fans, there's also Skullolady from EX3. Mentioned once in the ending, but never actually appears. Many years later, though, Skullomania makes a guest appearance in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, where he is put through a Gender Bender and essentially turned into the fabled Skullolady.
      • Capcom held a character popularity poll in late 2017 that actually included the cast of the EX series. Skullomania actually managed to come in at #16 out of 109 characters, with him being the only EX series character to make it into the top 20, with next in line being Garuda, at #47.
    • Cracker Jack. Mainly because he was Balrog - negative stereotypes - stupidity + cool. In other words, he was the original (albeit less gentlemanly) Dudley. It's died down with the years, but Dudley's inclusion in SSFIV had fans wanting to see Jack and Dudley go at it.
    • Pullum Purna, mainly for her looks and personality.
    • Garuda and Kairi, for appearance and coolness factor. note  Naturally, the two of them were among the first three characters revealed for Fighting EX Layer (the third being main protagonist Hokuto).
  • Fanon: Aside from the examples found in Common Knowledge, a common theory claims that EX is meant to be a retelling of Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter II. The presence of certain characters on the roster, their appearances, and their motivations do lend more support to this idea than not, though. For example, Sagat still being in Shadaloo and wanting revenge on Ryu, Blanka trying to find his mom, Akuma seeking out a strong seeker of the Killing Intent, and Bison having access to his Shin form (as well as a majority of the Alpha voice cast being used for most of the roster).
  • Game-Breaker: Ace from EX3 is one in theory. Since his moveset is built by mixing-'n-matching techniques from the rest of the cast. note  Simply put, Ace is as good as you want him to be.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Skullomania became this in 2009, where we got Kamen Rider Skull, complete with a scarf and the letter S on his forehead. Personality-wise, though, he's pretty much Skullo's opposite.
    • The Cycloids become a bit more amusing when you compare them to Seth (making his debut in Street Fighter IV), who does the exact same moveset mimicking as them and (due to his appearance) somewhat resembles Cycloid-γ. Heck, he's even been dubbed "Cycloid Seth" on several occasions.
  • Older Than They Think:
    • The EX series could honestly be referred to as an earlier version of Street Fighter IV as many of the gameplay features used in the latter originated in the former. Several characters in IV even had a few of their moves from EX transplanted to their movesets in IV.
    • While the tag system in EX3 invited the expected comparisons to Tekken Tag Tournament, the general fast pace of tagging in and out mid-battle, as well as the myriad combo possibilities it presented in an already combo-heavy game, actually resembles a prototype Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, as noted by several players after Infinite's release. To that end, the Critical Parade feature (which brings in both team members to fight simultaneously, complete with infinite use of Super Combos for its duration) can be likened to the Soul Stone's Infinity Storm, though that mechanic likely was based upon the similar Variable Cross/Duo Team Attack from the original Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • Sequelitis: Even with the EX series being vindicated in the years following the release of SFIV, you'll find very few supporters of EX3 compared to the fanbases of the first two games. The third (and currently final) entry is usually praised only for its soundtrack (most of which is reused from the arrange versions of EX Plus α and EX2 Plus) and tag battle mechanics. And even that perspective is being challenged somewhat over the years as players, such as Maximilian Dood, have spent more time with the game and discovered just how deep the combat system in EX3 goes.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Ace's theme, "Harem Beat," sounds like something you'd hear in a Mega Man game. More specifically, it sounds like a rock-heavy version of Gravity Man's theme from 5. Inversely, it also resembles Shang Fenghuang's theme from Fighting Layer (an arcade-only game also developed by Arika in 1998, nearly two years before EX3), albeit sped up.
  • Vindicated by History: Much like Street Fighter III, nearly every aspect of this trilogy was controversial, from the polygon models to the new characters to Capcom handing off development of the series to a (then) newly-formed third-party company (which, ironically, was founded by Street Fighter II director/designer Akira Nishitani). The only thing most could agree on about Street Fighter EX was that the music was exceptionally good. Although EX and EX2 were modest successes despite this, many were ready to move on when Capcom closed up shop with EX3. It was only much later, after Capcom's own jump to the third dimension with Street Fighter IV, that people were willing to give EX another chance. Fighters once decried as ill-fitting were now seen as creative and interesting complements to the SFII crew, the gameplay mechanics—some of which would go on to influence future Capcom ventures—were similar enough to the already-established Alpha sub-series to not be alienating while giving the titles a unique identity overall, and the music direction still shined. Though far from perfect, fans view the EX series more favorably these days than they ever did before.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Vulcano Rosso's outfit. And somehow, he pulls it off.


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