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  • Heartwarming Moments: This series isn't short of them.
    • Realising that Jack is upset over Victor forgetting their 60th Anniversary as best friends, Victor makes up for it the following day by taking his best friend to the city for a trip down memory lane and enjoy a special, yet unfortunately expensive, lunch.
      • How Jack and Victor both met; Victor managed to save Frank McCallum from being hit by a tram, and when Jack was wondering what was going on, he and Victor would become friends ever since. During their day out, the duo meet up with Frank, and treat him for dinner. Unfortunately, ‘Frank’ (revealing himself as Davey at a random pub) left as Jack and Victor were getting some dessert out, stealing a series of items. At least a bus stopped the thief.
      • In the stinger to the same episode, Winston buys Jack and Victor drinks to celebrate, which also turns into a Funny Moment when the drinks turn out to be colourful.
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    • When Jack and Victor go to Canada to visit Jack’s family, the family is very welcoming to Jack and his friend by giving them tins of beer and pastrami sandwiches. And on the day out with the children, Victor seemingly had a good time with Jack’s grandchildren, while Jack gives her daughter his wedding ring to keep.
    • After a Both Sides Have a Point exchange between Victor and his son John over the latter angry with his father faking an illness while the former upset over his son not making any visits, the latter promises to bring his family to Craiglang to visit his father in the summer.
    • Even though the two have a love-hate relationship, Navid remembers his wife Meena's birthday by buying her flowers and chocolate.
    • On Victor’s 75th Birthday, Jack takes Victor on a canoe ride with Winston tagging along with an acoustic guitar. While it starts off as a perfect ride across Scotland, things change when the trio can’t come ashore and are forced to go through mishap after mishap. Just when it seems that the Neds are about to punish them for eating their lunch… both groups discover that they’re in a ship with crates of alcohol. The Neds put their differences aside and drink together with Jack, Victor and Winston celebrating Victor’s interesting birthday.
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    • Realising that his penny-pinching ways has driven off his wife Frances, Tam makes up for his error by buying Chinese food and a bottle of wine that’s not on sale, promising to treat her more nicely. The only downside for Tam is that Frances – despite being 64 years old - gave birth to a baby child after nine months.


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