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YMMV / Steven Universe S3E23 "Back to the Moon"

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The revelation that Rose shattered Pink Diamond really puts her in a whole new light. Is she really as good as everyone seems to think? Or did the shock of killing Pink Diamond dictate her Thou Shalt Not Kill policy?
    • Rose was not necessarily opposed to killing as such, certainly plenty of Gems were shattered on both sides in the War. Her problem may have been more with killing as a deliberate goal, rather than as a last resort.
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    • There's also discussion of whether Pink Diamond was as bad as the other Diamonds and shattered against her will, or she was a Messianic Archetype and allowed Rose Quartz to shatter her (even forcing Rose Quartz to do so) so that the Earth would be free of Homeworld. The truth is... neither. Rose and Pink are the same person.
  • Broken Base:
    • There's a divide on whether or not Rose killing Pink Diamond makes Rose a Hypocrite. Some point out she poofed and bubbled Bismuth for desiring just that, but others point out we don't know the context and thus this could be exactly WHY Rose had that mentality in the first place or other factors may be involved. Still others point out this may be a moot point, as Bismuth desired genocidal revenge and that was what Rose was against.
    • There is also the question of whether Eyeball's account of what she saw can be trusted, taking into consideration how gullible and easily prone to trickery she and the other Rubies in her squad have been repeatedly shown to be. The only solid proof is that Garnet and Pearl seem to have known about it as well, but even that begs the question of just how they knew. Did they witness it for themselves, or was it Rose that told them that she shattered Pink Diamond, the way she told them she merely lost track of Bismuth...
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The Rubies believe a shape-shifted Amethyst is Jasper, despite the fact she's still purple and her exposed gem is clearly a dead giveaway. Though to be fair, at least with the latter, it was implied that the Rubies have never actually met her before. Thus, they don't know what the real Jasper actually looks like.
    • When loading the "prisoners" for the trip to the moon, the Rubies forget entirely about Lapis and Peridot, despite that the former was clearly the one holding them in water bubbles. Amethyst even has the chance to ask them if they want to be prisoners, to which Lapis and Peridot decline.
    • A Downplayed and minor example, but Steven loses any composure when Eyeball states Rose killed Pink Diamond and begins loudly insisting she'd never do such a thing. While his desperate outburst is understandable given Steven can barely comprehend doing harm onto someone else himself and doesn't truly understand how gray war is, they were already in hot water since Amethyst was already struggling to hold her disguise and he wasn't helping the situation at all (especially since his outburst could've easily broken Amethyst's focus).


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