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  • Awesome Music: Presently unavailable on the official release, but included in older ones. Forest Battle 2 (now known as "Heart of Ruin") serves as the music that plays as you fight the Heart of the Ruin.
  • Anticlimax Boss: The Heart of the Ruin, if you have endgame equipment. At Tier 6 equipment, his regularly-summoned flunkies are laughably easy to beat and less deadly than the Occasus mooks summoned by the previous boss, the Bone Dragon. While it does have wide-area, powerful attacks, those are easily telegraphed and avoided. The only troubles are its ludicrous amount of health and that the flunkies it summons from other biomes can pose a threat due to their high health.
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  • Author's Saving Throw: The first image of the Floran intro was disliked by a lot of people. mollygos realized her error, and revealed that it was actually an unfinished image. An other, more polished, image of the floran intro was much more well received.
    mollygos: Lots of people complained about the above screenshot! It was my bad. I was rushing out the update, trying to get to bed, and was under the impression the Floran intro was completely finished so I just picked a screenshot and posted it. I didn’t realize it would lead to a 21-page comment thread full of raaaaaaaaaage. Apparently the screenshot I picked originally had human campers around the fire, but was being adapted so it was Florans sitting around the fire. It wasn’t a final pass. So I suppose it goes without saying that I was totally wrong and the Floran intro wasn’t quite finished. :P So to make up for it, have another. Sorry my sleepiness caused so much trouble!
  • Broken Base:
    • The fans were pretty much divided between those who were waiting patiently for the game to be available and who welcomed every new feature announced with excitement, and those who "want to play right now", who were growing more and more impatient and vocal day after day and who were dismissing every new feature announced as something which was just delaying the beta and release of the game. Needless to say, the most vocal members of each groups were at each other's throats over this. Fortunately, things tended to calm down rather quickly, thanks to the efforts of both the devs and the rest of the community.
    • Instruments and music in-game: aside from the usual "It will delay the beta!" response, people are pretty much divided about it. Some are very enthusiastic, others don't like it at all, and the rest think that the system can be good but that the voices are awful.
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    • The demonstration of the game during the Insomnia49 festival was received with mixed feelings. Some were happy to see a longer demonstration of the game and the first boss, others were quite disappointed since nothing really new was shown (aside from the boss, and said boss itself created some controversy), and finally some were glad to see the game, but absolutely hated that it was Yogscast members who were playing it (claiming that they were not playing it right or that other people should have been playing it, like the ones who pre-ordered the game). And it would be better to not talk about the pre-beta/pre-alpha comment from Mollygos and Bartwe which had the effect of a small nuke on the official forums. Tiyuri took the time to clarify this in order to appease the community.
    • You wouldn't believe the shitstorm that was caused by the devs showing off a sentient poo monster.
    • "Poptop", the winner of the Monster Contest, was loved for its cute looks, but also derided because its colour scheme, looks, and behaviour made it pretty much a Mawile redesign.
    • After the beta was finally released, another schism developed in the fanbase between those who thought the game was too hard and that the difficulty should be adjusted, and those who think the game's difficulty is just fine and don't want the game to be toned down for "casual gamers". This is made slightly worse due to the fact that the balance is still being worked on, and that a good deal of the difficulty is the fact that not everything is balanced the way it's supposed to be, such as weapons.
    • Unrest is growing more and more on the official forums, with frequent accusations by some members of the community that the moderators are abusing their rights and deleting posts which criticize Chucklefish. While most of these accusations are not founded (because, if you break rules of the forums while criticizing Chucklefish, it's normal to get moderated), there have been a few occasions where the moderators did a dubious job... And one occasion of a moderator editing another moderator to call a member a dumbass (which may or may have not been deserved). Of course, said post was deleted.
    • With the advent of ship AIs, the Glitch AI (a busty woman with a horse head) is... not very flattering. Many on the forums found it disrespectful towards the Glitch, and things were not helped when Tiy used this AI to make a silly joke post illustrating that the AIs were implemented (using the memetic opening lines of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, no less). Then Kyren decided to leave a very provocative comment in the next update about turning all the AI's into animal-head women "because of all the positive feedback", giving rise to accusations of the developers intentionally trolling and inflaming the community. The forum thread discussing that update and a subsequent poll thread concerning forum approval of the Glitch AI (where a majority of voters have rejected the horsehead lady) have both been locked due to the controversy.
    • Bartwe, one of the key coder of the game, left the team while the game was still in its beta phase, explaining that he didn't want to move to London (where Chucklefish's headquarters were being relocated) for family reasons and that he wanted to make his own game, Staxel. Fan reactions were mixed, to say the least. Let's just leave it at that.
    • As 1.0 has come out, many are disappointed that instead of the unique quest intros and storylines for each race, the plot has been homogenized to have all player races start on Earth as being part of a Knight Errant organization.
    • The putting on hold of the much hyped bounty hunting system for version 1.4 has invoked the ire of quite a lot of people.
  • Creepy Cute: The Floran may be murderous and cannibalistic Extreme Omnivores, but their endearing enthusiasm for stabbing and their flowery appearances get them this treatment. Not only that, but the Floran's quirky way of speaking can be adorably childlike.
    Floran PC: (about Tall Grass) Floran hide in grassss. Pop out. Boo! Ssstab.
    • Sometimes the random generation of creatures make some of these.
  • Critical Dissonance: On Metacritic. While the game has been positively received by many game review sites, player opinion and scores are much more divided thanks to the Broken Base.
  • Demonic Spiders: An early patch that changed the leveling and damage systems resulted in flying enemies being incredibly powerful and aggressive.
    • They still can have some tendencies towards this, however. Bet you didn't think that tiny sparrow thing breathed fire. Still, as most monsters are procedurally generated, you can always end up with one of these where you least expect it.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: For a relatively uncommon and unplayable race that only show up in savannas, the Fenerox are surprisingly popular.
  • Game-Breaker: Engineer crew members occasionally improve your ship's Erchius mileage. The broken part is that there is no limit to how many times an engineer can do this, nor how fuel-efficient your ship can get. After a while, even if you're jumping from one extreme corner of the galaxy to the opposite, the amount of fuel needed is so minuscule that the game just rounds it down to zero, removing fuel as a gameplay mechanic entirely. Even after you can go anywhere for free (100% efficient), every so often your engineers will still cheerfully announce that they've made your engines 10% more efficient. The icing on the cake? Thanks to the tenant system, you can get an engineer before you even leave your starter planet for the price of a few Colony Deeds and doing a few quests for your colonists.
    • Corrected as of the 1.3 update. Engineers now only provide a speed boost. Mechanics now improves fuel efficiency instead (and don't expand the tank anymore), but at a flat rate - 10% for just having them on board. A second mechanic grants an additional 5%, a third half that, and so on.
  • Goddamned Bats: After the devs found the flying mooks too powerful and aggressive, they were toned down, but they still pose a big annoyance.
    • Small, fast hostile enemies with Bash can easily close the distance and get a hit in on you.
    • Monsters with the "Gravity Slam" ability will throw you into the air and slam you into the ground. While this may not do that much fall damage (if any), you can't move in to attack them or fire at them while you're being thrown!
    • Monsters with the "Grab" ability will grab you in place while causing continuous Collision Damage.
    • Literal example with Batongs, they're moderately fast flying enemies that tend to attack in large groups and swarm the player.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Core mining - the practice of mining down to the molten core of a magma planet and placing soft blocks you can remove easily inside the lava. This both removes the lava and causes precious ores to appear, which can then be mined out far more quickly than finding and mining them from cobblestone or obsidian. Apparently, these ores would be generated there if there was solid rock instead of lava. And before you ask, yes, you could use ice for this purpose, and it won't melt.
    • Leather armor (Snow Infantry Armor) had both a good amount of heat and protection, which was fixed, since the large boost in protection was a bug.
    • Building a colony on a moon used to produce abnormally powerful gear. The quality of random loot is determined by the difficulty level of the planet, which goes from 1 (low) to 6 (inconceivable). Moons had an internal difficulty level of 10, in order to make the Erchius Ghost as dangerous as possible, but moons have no loot chests, so the benefits of the high difficulty didn't normally come into play. Tenants in a colony, however, give out loot for rent and quest rewards according to the difficulty of the planet, so tenants on a moon would occasionally hand you weapons that were much, much stronger than anything you can find on any planet. Moons have since been patched to have a difficulty of 1.
    • The Martinus Transformation liquid duplication glitch exploits a quirk in how the engine renders liquids. Dripping small amounts of a liquid into a second liquid will result in the first liquid being slowly but surely converted into the second type. This has been exploited for infinite fuel. As of Version 1.3.4, it has not been patched out.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The in-game movie poster described a relationship between a Floran and a Hylotl. A year later, the same movie about a romantic relation with an Amphibian premiered, albeit with a human janitor.
  • Memetic Mutation: Floran speech patterns are strangely adorable.
    • Starbound, the best Soda Drinking Simulator ever createdexplanation .
  • Nightmare Fuel: The description for the Synthesizer set's leg armor reveals that one kick from a Floran Synthesizer can SHATTER BONE. Yeah.
    • Dear god, The Oogler. Jumpscare from extra-strength creepy staring monster with a Slasher Smile right out of nowhere.
    • The Erchius Mining Facility distress mission. Let's see... it's dark and too quiet at first, there's a rather urgent/scary music going on, and then there are squicky flesh aliens that ambush you and attack by splattering their flesh at you. Near the end of the level, you see miners in the middle of mutating into them, and when you get to the boss, it turns out that it's an Eldritch Abomination crystal that draws in the miners and mutates them into the things you fight.
    • The goddamn tentacled beast. Gigantic, mutated monstrosity capable of tearing planets apart from the inside out if it gets too big? Check. Has infected many many planets and has tentacles that can be chopped down and used as building material? Check. What the fuck is this thing and why do the Florans know how to create it.
    • The intro level for version 1.0. Remember how Earth was destroyed in the backstory of the game? You get to live through that. You barely escape on a ship just as the Ruin consumes Earth.
    • 1.0 has turned the process of mining for fuel in planets from one of the most boring aspects of the game into one of the most flat-out terrifying, especially on Survival or Hardcore. The second some solid or liquid fuel hits your inventory, it gets the attention of the Erichus Ghost, who will spawn somewhere on the planet and begin to hound you. It gets faster and faster the more ore and liquid you get. But the biggest problem about it is that it is literally indestructible and has a very literal "Instant Death" Radius - It gives off a highly damaging circular aura with you taking exponentially more damage the closer you are to it. with zero change in the ambient droning that the moons call music. The fact that it is heavily implied to have some connection to the Erichus Horror from the Mining Facility mission makes it even worse.
    • The mere fact that the sole reason the universe is in danger of being completely destroyed is solely because of one woman's hatred and inability to let go of the past is pretty damn sobering. The fact that she actually gets away in the end after the Ruin's death, possibly to continue her plans, does not help matters. The Bounty Hunter update does rectify that part though.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The crafting of armor. Like with the pickaxe, the armor must be upgraded by spending increasingly rare metals that you would rather spend on upgrading the pickaxe first. Artifact weapons on the other hand, are rather commonplace, turning most encounters into one-hit kill issues for both sides. Fortunately, the game drops the refurbishing after the Platinum level, and starting on Sector X (threat level 5+) you can begin crafting armor with the new metals alone.
    • The penalty for dying. You lose Pixels (20% during betas, 30% in 1.0), which isn't bad when your low on them, but once you reach the thousands, it can really limit your crafting, since they become a necessity for crafting mid/late-game items.
      • This became even worse in the nightly builds, where on normal difficulty, you lose both pixels and all of your ore. Yes, all of it, including smelted ingots. Needless to say, some of the community was not pleased at all while others Loved it for the challenge. Cue massive arguments and flame wars all over the forums. Thankfully it has cooled down a bit, and that there's going to be a new difficulty option that allows you to retain your ore on death.
    • The level system used to be with, with armor pierce being basically the level of a weapon, and if it was too high or low a level then the damage was skewed massively. A few people liked it for the challenge, but for the most part it annoyed players because when this principal was applied to guns then it turned fights VERY one sided, with characters dying before they could even get into melee range. Thankfully the leveling was changed so fights no longer end up as a mixture of Single-Stroke Battle and Death-or-Glory Attack.
    • Meteor showers, at least for builders, they deal significant amounts of damage to blocks, you and your time. They happen regularly (even on Threat Level 1 planets) and it seems like they exist just to waste the time spent making a house. Tiyru aknowledged the issue in this Twitter message, decided to lower the probability, and mentioned that later players will be able to see is a planet can be the target of meteor showers.
    • Certain missing or unimplemented features common to related games that players would normally take for granted, like the ability to pause in single-player.
    • An update changed the hotbar system, so that each slot is actually a pair for holding two items at once, like the previous off-hand system. However, a lot of items that USED to only occupy one hand now occupy both. It previously made sense for the matter manipulator and blocks, because right-clicking with them have different effects, so they require both hand slots to function. But torches, platforms, furniture, etc? These occupy the entire hotbar slot despite not requiring right-click to function, drastically reducing how much hotbar space you effectively have.
    • A lot of the random quests in Starbound (i.e. quests given by Non Player Characters that aren't on the outpost) have two major restrictions on them that can lead to fail states—for one, the person who gave the quest can randomly die to a monster, causing their quest to automatically fail. Secondly, most quests have an invisible time limit to them that you're not told about at all, and you can fail the quest literally as you're about to complete the objective because the timer runs out without warning.
    • Nobody really likes the Novakid ship upgrades. For starters, the train spaceship that the Novakid get has a bigger color palette than the non-Novakid ships, so it looks almost ugly in comparison. Furthermore, it expands mostly horizontally, so to access anything in the rooms further in you'll need to run for longer. The ship also has a handful of large rooms rather than the multiple small rooms that other ships get, so dividing up the large rooms can easily look very cumbersome.
    • To advance further in the game, the players needs to complete some quests in which they need to analyse items from various races. The process in itself in rather tedious, as only a few items can fill up the quest's gauge, and there is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for when visiting a planet, leading many players to spend several hours just trying to find, for example, a floran village, only to find out that there aren't enough of the required items to proceed to the next step.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Bone Dragon that shows up towards the end of the Baron's Keep mission. The boss can throw fireballs which do large chunks of damage, leave traces of fire on the ground which can damage you, and it also destroys any cover you could hide behind. In addition to the dragon, you must fight constant waves of cultists on the ground and they are pretty durable and decently painful. If you end up dying during the fight, you have to start the mission all over again since there's no Checkpoint unlike other missions.
    • Big Ape is notorious as well, not so much for the raw difficulty (he's quite easy once you know what works well against him) as for the Difficulty Spike between him and the previous boss. The way his four projectors work is frustrating - They can all take damage, but the instant one is destroyed the others are fully healed meaning any damage to the others is wasted on that cycle. The projectors are always spinning, making hitting the same one consistently quite difficult as well, and they spin faster as more of them break. He stays off the ground and out of easy reach for most of the fight, making melee weapons very hard to use. And when you do break a projector he goes into full-on Bullet Hell mode for a while before his pattern resumes. Most people either have to overwhelm him with endgame gear, consume huge amounts of healing, or simply die a large number of times until they figure his patterns out. Or you can use the aegisalt pistol against him, since its unique attack style nullifies everything that makes him hard to damage.
    • 1.4's Peacekeeper missions has the final confrontation with Asra Nox for the postgame, this time against her mech The Swansong. Among her arsenal are a tracking laser, a sword attack, and homing missiles. Also, she spawns orbs that serve to refill your mech's energy, but once gravity turns off, they form a spiderweb and the beams that connect the orbs will damage you. Lose your mech? Time to start over, since you cannot control your movement in a zero-G environment.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The December 10 patch introduced a new system for damage and threats that does away with Armor Penetration stats which lead to unwieldy damage values in weapons in favor of DPS and reducing threat levels on planets from 1-100 to 1-10 (one threat level per the first four sectors). Cue some crying about how it would make the game too easy. A balancing oversight making iron weapons ungodly powerful did not help matters.
    • In a reverse sight of things, the update which changed that caused a bug. The bug itself caused absurdly powerful monsters to spawn with birds being ungodly powerful, being able to insta-kill you. The fact that the update also nerf'd ones armor made early-game areas harder than hard. It was fixed, of course, but those goddamn birds...
    • Tyi has seen how bad the new threat level was (specially bad if you could breeze through a Level 10 planet with no problem and then another Level 10 planet would have everything kill you in 1.3 hits) and decided to add decimals to a Threat Level (for example: Level 1 planets will have Threat Level from 1 to 1.99).
    • The bow, the basic hunting weapon, now uses about 20 Energy per shot. A simple assault rifle or sniper rifle can do better than it for considerably less.
    • One tactic used by players to easily mine stuff was via digging gravel/fine sand and letting the ores drop and slide down. Now, this tactic backfires; any ores loosened by the sand are lost forever.
    • The hotbar changes every so often. First you have a change that gave the matter manipulator and a few other items their own slots, along with a default slot returned to after deselecting a hotbar item. Which is a problem for players used to placing quickly-needed items on either end of the hotbar, as now you'll be scrolling past an extra three slots. The real curveball however? The update that removed the default slot, placed the matter manipulator and other fixed items in the middle of the hotbar, and divided the hotbar slots into 2 bars of 6 left hand/right hand pairs. Confused yet? Aside from being wildly different from the previous system, it also means no more always having a shield in your off-hand.
    • The Giraffe-level updates took away many items, such as Rubium, Ceruleum and Impervium, unique biomes and weapons that could be found in them, such as the Heck and Zen Biomes. Furthermore it also removed a huge amount of enjoyable codexes and lore.
    • Since around modway through the beta up to the 1.0 release build, there seem to have been more features removed than added. Among them the vast array of discoverable techs (Now reduced to 12 easily unlockable techs), crafting materials, procedurally generated weapon types, biomes, dungeons, mobs, and codices (For example the USCM Bunkers and their robots and codices). There also used to be separate levels and stats for different capturable monsters, but they have since all been given the same stats (A mother Poptop has the same stats as a baby Poptop). Every race is now given the same starting quest and story as opposed to the original race specific backstories.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Asra Nox is female, though her portrait and figure in game gives a different impression. The rarity of seeing female villains probably also contributes.

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