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YMMV / Star Wars: Uprising

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  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Most of the mobs on Mataou, while not particularly difficult, require a bit more strategy than the mobs encountered elsewhere.
    • The mobs on Anoat can be a bit difficult in this way, as the akk dogs are so numerous.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Occasionally, mobs will suddenly become brain-dead and remain motionless, refusing to attack.
  • Moment of Awesome: In the extended trailer, a group of Rebels are pinned down by a squad of stormtroopers and a walker. Deathstick, armed only with a pair of vibroblades, charges straight at them, kills several stormtroopers, and disables the walker by slicing off its leg.
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  • Spoiled by the Format: When the reward for a certain mission grants the title "Public Enemy", it's obvious things are about to get serious after it concludes.


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