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YMMV / Star Wars (Stern)

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  • Good Bad Bugs: One revision had a bug that caused the player to almost never leave Victory Multiball once it is earned (effectively putting the player in a semi-permanent multiball state) and kept the major mode used to achieve said multiball running, allowing the player to easily cash in on multi-hundred-million shots far longer than intended and causing games in excess of 100 billion points to be remarkably achievable.
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  • Scrappy Mechanic: This game has perhaps one of the more problematic uses of the action button, being used to toggle the shot multiplier so that you can pick which lanes that the multiplier affects as well as having to be pressed in order to reap the rewards of a TIE Fighter Hurry-Up; in both contexts it is possible to drain a ball if you're careless with the button. Also, lane toggling is active when you're picking a Player Character at the start of the game or perks at the start of a ball, meaning that clever use of the buttons is required to pick the perk and the multiplier lanes you want.

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