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YMMV / Star Wars: Princess Leia

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  • Funny Moments:
    • In Issue 1, Admiral Ackbar is multitasking. In the same breath, he is warmly consoling Leia for her terrible loss, and angrily berating nearby soldiers for being too slow or clumsy. Not only does he tell them that being being cursed with humans hands is no excuse for being clumsy, but also criticizes them for only looking at one thing at a time, implying that he's literally watching Leia and the soldiers at the same time.
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    • In Issue 2, Leia and Evaan are about to have a meal, when they discover that they are about to eat boiled ruica (an edible In-Universe substance). Evaan asks, "Don't...don't you like ruica, ma'am?", and Leia has a flashback to her youth on Alderaan when her adoptive father, Bail Organa, discovered she didn't like ruica. He convinces her to eat it because starship pilots traveled great distances, at great personal risk, to bring the seeds to Alderaan so they could grow that ruica so young children like Leia could grow strong. So she must eat it so she can face those brave pilots who put themselves at risk. Cut back to the present with Leia remorsefully chewing her ruica (sitting across from a brave Aldaraanian pilot, no less), and saying (with her mouth full), "I like it, all right."
      • Another moment, also from Issue 2: Leia and Evaan have just landed on Naboo, and are paying a parking fee. Leia tells the security guard there to charge the fee to the Empire.
      • It gets better. The above prompts Evaan to ask, "Ma'am, wouldn't it have been safer to pay cash?" to which Leia responds, "We don't have any." Without missing a beat, Evaan cries "WHAT?" Leia finds the situation exhilarating, Evaan implies that she wouldn't have described it that way.
      • And it doesn't stop there. The security guard asked for a name to register the landing by. The name Leia gave him? "First Minister... Solo."
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    • Evaan meets with a Sullustian smuggler, Nien Numb, who tries to charm her by showing off the large collection of weaponry he's been smuggling. It's implied that they have some history together.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • In Issue 1, Luke stops Leia after the awards ceremony, and thanks her for her emotional support for him after Obi-Wan Kenobi died, recognizing that she did this despite having far more to grieve for than Luke did. He goes on to tell her that he wishes she had someone she could turn to for support as well.
  • Tear Jerker: We see that Leia carries the full emotional burden of Alderaan's destruction, taking this and the resulting death of her father as a personal failing, something that would not have happened if she had just kept her head down instead of joining the Rebellion. Even worse, the Alliance leadership refuse to let her put herself at risk, knowing that the Empire is gunning for her now, and her position among Alderaanian society and lack of surviving family means she has nobody she can turn to for emotional support. Obviously, her Character Development in that story is realizing that the surviving Alderaanians still need her, and that defying the Empire is still worth the risk.


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