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YMMV / Star Trek The Next Generation S 7 E 16 Masks

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  • Bizarro Episode: Pretty much the strangeness of season seven exemplified, second only to "Sub Rosa."
  • Broken Base: Opinions are on the episode are split, both among creators and fans. One side feels its profoundly silly, the other feel it's a great break from the usual fare.
  • Ham and Cheese: You are Patrick Stewart. You have a dodgy script that isn't likely to be filmed very well. You also have a prop with a distinctly phallic shape. What do you do? a) Try manfully to turn in a good performance; b) Sleepwalk through the episode, or c) Hold the prop with its base right in front of your crotch, emphasise the words that make the best euphemisms in that scene, and make Jonathan Frakes crack up?
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  • Tough Act to Follow: Some, including Brent Spiner himself, think this episode might have been better if it hadn't come immediately another "Thine Own Self", which was another Data-centric episode.


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