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YMMV / Star Trek The Next Generation S 7 E 14 Lower Decks

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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • When Picard does a double-take on Sito, he's noting, "She's a Bajoran..." You can tell this is when Picard realizes a possible solution to his problem. When he takes her with him after visiting the Cardassian in sick bay, he asks if she's a pilot. When she confirms it, that's another step to confirming the viability of his plan. He then dresses her down to test her mental strength. When she comes back and defends herself, she completes his test for his Xanatos Speed Chess.
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    • Worf knew Picard asked for Sito to serve on the Enterprise as a second chance for her past crime. He probably also knew Picard had dressed her down for that crime, and knew it was a Secret Test of Character. He was actually cheating by giving Sito broad hints to confront Picard about treating her unfairly.
  • Fridge Horror: Consider the Red Shirt phenomenon in Trek circles, and then think of how often Picard, and Kirk before him, has had to make that announcement at the end. Think of how many social circles can form on ships of hundreds of people, who have to go through what the group in this episode go through.
  • Funny Moments: After Riker reveals his flush.
    • When Taurik makes a thinly veiled joke about the Occupation Of Bajor... in front of a Bajoran. (To non-Treksperts, that's essentially the same as making a Holocaust joke to a Jewish person.)
      Lavelle: Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.
      Taurik: You can't seriously believe that what you're doing will influence the ourcome of your evaluation.
      Ogawa: It's a time-honoured strategy, Taurik.
      Sito: The Vedeks of the Janalan order maintain a round the clock chant for the benefit of the Bajoran people.
      Taurik: Considering the history of your planet, that doesn't exactly validate what he's doing.
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    • When they're talking about Lavelle going up and talking to Riker in Ten-Forward.
      Taurik: He's convinced that Commander Riker doesn't like him
      Ben: (accusing) Did you crash this ship into something? note 
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Joret's wish for peace on Cardassia would be dashed in a brutal manner on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Ben asking Lavelle if Riker dislikes him for crashing the ship into something gets even funnier when Riker marries Troi years after she crashes the Enterprise. And then days later, she does it again.
  • Tear Jerker: Picard's announcement at the end confirming the death of Sito is one of the most heartbreaking moments on the show. That little gasp from Nurse Ogawa makes it worse.

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