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YMMV / Star Trek: The Next Generation S5E21 "The Perfect Mate"

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Famke Janssen plays a self-described mutant with mental abilities sharing many scenes with Patrick Stewart playing Picard. Eight years later she would do the same thing in X-Men. What makes it even funnier (in a squicky sort of way) is that Janssen plays Picard's love interest in this episode. And Xavier was secretly in love with Jean (in some versions of the franchise, anyway)...
  • Retroactive Recognition: Kamala is played by Famke Janssen several years before her breakout role in Goldeneye.
    • But that is nothing compared to her later role as the beloved telekinetic-telepathic mutant Dr. Jean Grey in X-Men which paced her mark in Hollywood/Marvel fame. Seriously.